How to Take Your First Step Towards Entrepreneurship with BBA?

BBA: A First Step Towards Entrepreneurship

Corporate BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) is one of the most popular undergraduate courses in our country that lays the foundation of business and management skills with specialization in one’s area of interest. It is a three-year professional course which can be pursued by students who are have completed their 10+2 in any Arts, Science or Commerce.

This course aims to provide maximum business and networking experience at an academic level. The pedagogy of this graduate management degree has a combination of both practical and theoretical syllabuses so that students gain maximum expertise and unleash maximum business potential.

This three-year program is designed with program supporting facilities like an internship at the end of the course, live projects and seminars, and lectures by industry experts to enhance the professional scope of the students. A BBA degree can be pursued in four major electives:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Entrepreneurship

Career Scope for BBA Graduates

BBA graduate students as mentioned above are trained in a variety of aspects which makes them eligible to shape their entrepreneurship aspiration in addition to public sector and private sector jobs. Below we have listed some of the prominent industries where BBA graduates are can start their skills entrepreneurship ventures:

  • BFSI - The Banking Financial Services and Insurance sector provides huge scope for BBA graduates. The financial, management and accounting services that they learn in their academic life are highly valuable for this sector.
  • Sales and Marketing - BB A graduates can start their business in the field of Sales and Marketing. A large number of BBA freshers are starting their businesses and start-ups at the entry level. Though these are not high-paying jobs, they provide a higher scope of learning and experience.
  • Finance and accounting - BBA graduates have a rich scope to excel in the field of finance and accounting departments because of the industry-specific training they receive at academic levels.
  • Investment banking - BBA graduates can choose to start an enterprise in investment banking and stockbroking, and with a bit of higher education, they have a huge opportunity in this field.
  • Business Consultancy - Though consultant is a role that is generally offered to experienced professionals, BBA graduates can also start their careers in this genre.
  • Ecommerce - With the rapid increase of eCommerce companies, there is a huge spike in the transactions on eCommerce platforms. This sector also provides huge scope for BBA graduates to kick start their entrepreneurial dreams.

Tips for BBA graduates to shape Enterprise dreams

  • You must recognize your strengths and know what aspect of the subject interests you most.
  • You must pursue professional certificates in your area of interest. Since you are from a BBA background, certifications such as Management Information systems (MIS), or Excel, or Tally can help you in your future endeavors.
  • Prepare an impressive strength, highlight all your strengths, achievement, and academic qualification in the resume.
  • Be active during the campus placement and keep yourself updated on current affairs.