Student Life

Fests and Events


Electronika is a spectacular exhibition of electronic gadgets. The expo serves as a platform for students to showcase their creativity and brilliance through their finest creations. From cutting-edge devices to ingenious inventions, Electronika provides a launchpad for these young minds to step into the world of innovation. It's a captivating event inspiring the inventors of tomorrow to push the boundaries of technology and make their mark on the world.

Kannada Habba

Kannada Vedike hosts "Kannada Habba," an annual literary cultural fest. This vibrant event serves as a platform to showcase Karnataka's rich heritage and history. Packed with a diverse array of cultural programmes and activities, the celebration brings together students and enthusiasts alike to revel in the beauty and uniqueness of Karnataka's culture and traditions.

Carnival of Countries

Carnival of Countries is a highly anticipated event where 15 teams of PUC students showcase different countries' cultures, languages, and food. Each team sets up stalls representing their assigned country, offering captivating glimpses of top countries worldwide. The event promises an enthralling experience for all attendees.


Fahrenheit, the eagerly awaited intra-collegiate fest, guarantees a vibrant, nonstop entertainment experience for all. Organised by the Cultural, Commerce, and Science forums, it offers a plethora of colourful delights, ensuring everyone walks away with unforgettable memories of this lively extravaganza.


Tarusamskruti is Jain College V V Puram's inter-collegiate cultural spectacle, which celebrates the youth's potential to invigorate and enrich society. Embracing the essence of TARU, young minds explore possibilities in a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. This event offers both fun and insightful experiences, fostering personal growth and collective enrichment.