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Studying humanities for social consciousness and objective understanding of society.

Humanities explain how society functions and the roles of humans in various aspects of the social spectrum. With History, Economics, Psychology and Political Science (HEPyP) you will explore the defining moments of human history, the economics and politics in society and the psychology that governs human behaviour and actions.

JAIN College has one of the most formidable Humanities programmes from the PU level onwards. The course combination of HEPyP will lead to many career paths in diverse fields. The institute has a wide range of education programmes and alumni working in different fields. They offer a range of integrated programmes and activities that will contribute towards the student’s preparation for college education. Through the structured course and with a dedicated faculty, the students are given apt guidance and support.

Students presenting research findings at EPPYS program
  • History provides crucial insights into the past, helping students understand the roots of contemporary societies, cultures, and conflicts.
  • It offers valuable lessons from past events, enabling students to make informed decisions and shape a better future.
  • By studying history, students gain a broader perspective, fostering empathy, critical thinking, and an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.
  • Economics resolves the complex working of the global markets and their impact on societies, empowering students to make informed decisions.
  • Students will master the analytical tools to assess economic systems, address inequality and promote sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • With an understanding of economics, students will be able to address socio-economic challenges, create inclusive policies and build resilient and prosperous communities.
  • By studying economics, students gain the tools to address poverty, inequality, and environmental challenges, and foster sustainable development.
  • Psychology provides insights into human cognition, emotions, and behaviour, allowing students to understand themselves and others.
  • Equips students with skills to improve mental well-being, foster positive relationships, and promote empathy and understanding.
  • By studying psychology, students contributes to addressing mental health challenges, enhancing personal growth, and nurturing thriving communities.
  • Explore the intricacies of political systems, institutions and decision-making processes that shape the functioning of societies.
  • Develop a deep understanding of political ideologies, governance structures and the dynamics of power and influence.
  • Gain critical thinking and analytical skills to assess policies, engage in informed debates and actively participate in shaping the political landscape and contribute to the betterment of communities by advocating social justice.
  • Benefit from a broad perspective on power dynamics, social justice, and human rights, fostering an informed and engaged approach to addressing critical societal issues.
1st Language 2nd Language
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Sanskrit
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Choose the best college wisely for HEPyP in Bangalore for enduring career success 

With JAIN College’s comprehensive career and extracurricular activities and events, the student will gain extensive experience and awareness of diverse opportunities. As it is centrally located in Bangalore, students can explore academic and career opportunities in various fields and plan their professional future. With the HEPyP combination, they can set deep roots in the study of Humanities and build a strong career in many interesting fields.

Integrated Programmes
The graduate study options after PU with HEPyP
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) - students will study any 3 subjects and opt for a major or Honours in one subjec.
  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBA)/ Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) - for management career.
  • Bachelor in Journalism/ Advertising/ Media Studies - to learn about print or digital media and a career in advertising or marketing.
  • LLB - for a career in legal studies.
  • Bachelor’s in Event Management / Public Relations - to study planning and organising events and managing public relations.
  • Counsellor/ psychologist - leads to various career paths in counselling and analysing human behaviour.
Integrated Programmes
The career paths you can consider exploring
  • Management studies - you can major in areas such as Marketing or Human resources.
  • Journalism and media studies - work in print or digital media, advertising, film and television and more.
  • NGO/ Public sector roles - work in policy design, and community service (WASH, Public Health, education, human rights etc.) with national or international NGOs.
  • Law - study Company Secretary, corporate law, criminal law or similar branches.
  • Research and Documentation - with a Master’s or PhD in any of the subjects, one can become a full-time researcher in the field
  • Counsellor/ psychologist - offer guidance and behavioural counselling.
  • PR and Corporate communication - manage public relations and strategically communicate messages.
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The Hallmark of the Best PU Colleges in Bangalore 

The Humanities Programme at JAIN College focuses on subjects like History, Economics, Psychology, and Political Science (HEPyP), providing students with a comprehensive understanding of society and human behavior.

HEPyP delves into the defining moments of human history, economics and politics in society, and the psychology governing human behavior, fostering social consciousness and an objective perspective on societal dynamics.

Graduates with a background in HEPyP can pursue careers in diverse fields such as management, media studies, law, event management, public relations, counselling, and more.

After completing pre-university education with HEPyP, students can opt for Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBA), Bachelor in Journalism/Advertising/Media Studies, LLB, or Bachelor’s in Event Management/Public Relations.

Graduates can pursue further studies in BA with major or honors in one subject, BBA/BMS for management careers, LLB for legal studies, or Bachelor’s in Event Management/Public Relations.

BA graduates can pursue careers in management, journalism, media studies, NGO/public sector roles, law, research and documentation, counselling, PR, and corporate communication.

Interested students can apply through the college's admissions process. Applications for the programme are currently open for the 2024-25 academic year.

JAIN College provides various support services including academic advising, counseling, career guidance, and extracurricular activities to enrich students' overall educational experience and personal development.

JAIN College offers a comprehensive programme with integrated activities and events, located centrally in Bangalore, providing students with extensive exposure and opportunities for academic, personal and career growth.

Yes, students have the option to major or pursue honors in one of the subjects studied during their undergraduate education, depending on their interests and career aspirations.


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