VV Puram

Principal's Message

Dr. S. N. Nataraj - Principal Jain College VV Puram

JAIN College, V V Puram, is the premier pre-university institution in Bengaluru is known for its excellence in teaching and curriculum delivery. Our curriculum delivery emphasises the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, understanding, and problem-solving abilities among all students at JAIN College. As educators, we believe that our primary responsibility is to nurture and develop each and every learner to prepare them for life. Our approach involves interacting with parents to meet the individual needs of every student, and supporting them to fulfil their academic and co-curricular goals and aspirations. The broad range of opportunities at JAIN College cater for the diverse interests, needs and abilities of our students. At JAIN College, it is believed that excellence is a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institute has made deep forays into contributing world competent leaders, renowned technocrats, successful entrepreneurs, and innovative researchers.

Dr. S. N. Nataraj



At Jain College, immerse yourself in a world of diverse academic pursuits across multiple departments, where you can explore the richness of languages, delve into the wonders of science, unlock the secrets of commerce, and ignite your passion for sports. Experience a world of possibilities and embark on a fulfilling educational journey at Jain College, where your unique interests and aspirations are at the heart of your academic experience. Our departments include Department of Languages, Department of Sports, Department of Science, Department of Commerce.