Student Cells 

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Anti-ragging Cell

The institution firmly upholds the principle that every student deserves an education devoid of fear and intimidation. In accordance with this belief, an anti-ragging cell has been set up to combat all types of bullying, as such behaviour is deemed anti-social and detrimental to the learning process. The cell's activities are focused on fostering a harmonious learning environment that is free from threats, harassment, and any form of bullying.

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Anti-sexual Harassment Cell

The institution is committed to eradicating, preempting, and discouraging incidents of sexual harassment, thus ensuring a secure and favourable environment for the professional advancement of its employees. To achieve this, the Anti-sexual Harassment Cell has been established, actively working to prevent and take legal action against any acts of sexual harassment. The cell is dedicated to addressing all complaints of sexual harassment brought forward by any employee within the workplace.

Technology Enabled Classrooms at Jain College

Seminar Hall

Experience the perfect venue for a wide range of events at JAIN College. Our air-conditioned space sets the stage for engaging seminars, student club activities, captivating theatrical performances, and many such exercises. Whether you're a faculty member or a student, our seminar hall is the ultimate destination for making any event a grand success.

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Equal Opportunity Cell

The institution has established an Equal Opportunity Cell to foster an inclusive education system and promote diversity among staff and students on campus. This initiative aims to be responsive to the needs of various social groups, including the underprivileged, and harness their untapped human potential. The cell provides guidance and counselling to eradicate any perception of discrimination, ensuring a nurturing and supportive environment for all.

Technology Enabled Classrooms at Jain College

Grievance Redressal Cell

The institution has established a Grievance Redressal Cell to foster a harmonious educational environment and promote accountability among stakeholders. The cell encourages students to freely and openly express their grievances without any fear of reprisal. The committee promptly addresses these matters to ensure timely resolution. Additionally, the cell conducts awareness activities among the academic community, advising students to avoid causing grievances to their peers, thereby upholding the college's dignity.

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Women Cell

The Women Cell has been set up within the institution to focus on addressing issues specifically concerning women. Through its activities, the cell aims to empower and guide women in recognising their true potential and achieving a strong presence in a competitive world. By promoting self-esteem and self-confidence among women staff and students, the cell seeks to create awareness about their pivotal role in building a healthy and progressive society.

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