Student Support Services 

JAIN College's Student Support Services offers comprehensive support that facilitates and address the academic and non-academic needs of the students at each level of their college experience.

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Orientation & Induction

JAIN College dedicates the initial two days of each academic year to comprehensive orientation programmes, ensuring students' seamless adjustment to the college environment and academic life. These programmes help students to get familiar with the college's facilities, resources, and support services, setting a strong foundation for their educational journey.

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Holistic Development

JAIN College motivates students to expand their knowledge while nurturing holistic growth. The emphasis lies in adapting to a changing world through diverse activities that instil values of integrity, refinement, and social responsibility. Active participation in inter-collegiate management fests enhances societal awareness and environmental sensitivity, fostering character development and virtuous conduct among students.

Technology Enabled Classrooms at Jain College

Value Vision

JAIN College strives to educate and empower individuals, with the Human Networking Academy (HNA) playing a pivotal role. HNA instils dynamic life-sustaining elements like Vishva Chaitanya, Vishva Chaarana, and Vishva Spandana in students, staff, and parents through experiential sessions. These programmes aim to build character, fortitude, and virtue, contributing to personal and societal development.

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Academic Review

Regular academic performance evaluations and parent-teacher meetings are conducted at JAIN College. These sessions provide individualised assessments, identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, and preparing them for the final Board Examination. Parents are encouraged to interact regularly with mentors and class teachers to monitor students' progress and development.

Technology Enabled Classrooms at Jain College

Rewards & Scholarships

JAIN College recognises deserving students facing financial constraints and displaying immense potential and talent. Such students are regularly rewarded with scholarships to support their academic journey. Additionally, exceptional contributions to sports and extracurricular activities are encouraged and acknowledged with scholarships, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation within the college community.

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Career Counselling

JAIN College offers an effective system for continuous monitoring of students' progress. Expert faculty members guide students in aligning their abilities and interests to make informed decisions about academic activities and future career paths. The counselling process helps students discover and enhance their latent talents and potential.

Technology Enabled Classrooms at Jain College

National Cadet Corps

Students are encouraged to join NCC, which imparts valuable training and instils a sense of responsibility. The 2A/5 Coy NCC of the 7 Kar Battalion at Jain College has been recognised as the 'Best Institution' in Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa for its exceptional performance, with several cadets commissioned in the Indian Armed Forces.

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National Service Scheme

JAIN College promotes the spirit of selfless service among students through the National Service Scheme (NSS). Students are encouraged to volunteer and actively participate in social activities. Jain College has been honoured with awards from the State Government for its exemplary NSS programmes. The motto "Not Me But You" reflects the essence of democratic living and the importance of serving others.

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