and the arts
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We offer TWO innovative skills
integrated ARTS programmes
at our V V Puram Campus.

Arts Programme

The need of the hour

The future of work and the advent of new roles defined by renewed skills are altering the landscape for talent demand across the globe. Today’s learners need to equip themselves with in-demand skills for better employability prospects in the market. The humanities are part of an interconnected world that provides a broad, deep education. It fosters 21st-century career readiness and the ability to work with others to respond better to day-to-day tasks, life’s various needs and challenges. Studying humanities helps one develop transferable skills that are beneficial in any role, in any field. Humanities as a career path is broad by design and is equally capacious.

Pre University Arts Programmes at JAIN College

JAIN College offers innovative skills integrated two-year pre-university Arts programmes at V V Puram Campus from the AY 2022-23. Powered by Knowledgeum, the programmes are immensely engaging and intellectually stimulating. The ‘learner-centred’ curriculum and pedagogy developed by a team of researchers and industry practitioners is structured to help you discover your strengths, master challenging concepts, map your path, and advance your best strategies for growth.

JAIN College
JAIN College
JAIN College
JAIN College

Why Arts Programme at JAIN College?

The dynamic skill enhancement programmes will engage, support, and enrich your collective growth.

You will engage in hands-on research on compelling social challenges of interest in the exclusive humanities lab.

A wide range of resources in terms of library books, e-resources, LMS, relevant videos, and expert talks are available to equip you with extensive knowledge in the domain.

The rigorous teaching-learning process helps you to excel in the board examination and prepares you for higher studies.

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