Kalakriti 2023: A Celebration of Wisdom, Freedom and Art

Kalakriti 2023: A Celebration of Wisdom, Freedom and Art

The most anticipated event of the academic year 2023-24, organised by the Department of Humanities, JAIN College, VV Puram, powered by Knowledgeum – KALAKRITI 2023 was a grand success. This idea has been carefully nurtured since the beginning of the academic year, the Student Council and the faculty members of the department worked tirelessly to bring this fest to life.

As the name Kalakriti suggests, with 'Kala' meaning art and 'Kriti' meaning creation, Kalakriti was not just a fest; it was an expression of wisdom, freedom, and art. It served as a forum that blended intellectual thoughts with artistic performances.

Kalakriti 2023 took centre stage on the 8th of September at the JAIN College, VV Puram. The fest was a platform for eight events: Adalat, Emoji Alaap, Bijutsu Sekai, Parivarthan Pitch, Neta of the Year, REELative, Dancemataz, and Mr. / Ms. Kalakriti. 200+ Participants from Prestigious Pre University Colleges of Bengaluru registered for both individual and group events. Participants eagerly gathered in the quadrangle on the big day, excited about the day's planned events and their hopes of winning the Best Institution Award..

The fest commenced with a musical performance by Pranavi and Surabhi, followed by the lighting of the lamp by esteemed dignitaries and a dance performance by our talented dance team. Subsequently, Mr. Jagdish Chandra, Head of the Department of Humanities, extended a warm welcome to our distinguished guests and all the enthusiastic participants of Kalakriti. The Student Council of Humanities also addressed the gathering, unveiling a teaser of Kalakriti 2023 and showcasing the grand trophy that would be awarded to the best institution, instilling a spirit of healthy competition among the participants..

The planned activities for the day, including the scheduling of time slots and room allocations for each session, were thoroughly explained to the attendees. Each event was judged by professionals of the respective.

  • 'Adalat' challenged young lawyers to engage in deep thoughts and provided insights into planning and articulating arguments in real courtrooms.
  • 'Emoji Alaap' offered a platform for participants to showcase their vocal talents, aligning their performances with emojis assigned to them.
  • 'Bijutsu Sekai,' meaning the art world, encouraged participants to express their artistic skills on the faces of their partners, with the theme being anime.
  • 'Parivarthan Pitch' allowed participants to pitch their own ideas/products to potential investors, aiming to make lives easier.
  • 'Neta of the Year' catered to the future politicians among us. Participants assumed the role of a politician, came up with a unique party, designed a symbol for their party, and outlined the policies they would follow.
  • Participants in 'REELative' were tasked with producing a 60-second engaging reel with a strong environmental or social message.
  • 'Dancemataz' showcased a dance face-off between the best dance teams from various colleges.
  • 'Mr./Ms. Kalakriti' presented a multi-layered competition, testing participants on their intellectual, artistic, and humorous dimensions.

Ultimately, Christ Junior College achieved remarkable success, winning the majority of positions and earning the prestigious title of Overall Champions of Kalakriti 2023. The skills, creativity, and teamwork of Christ Junior College students not only secured them the grand trophy but also a cash prize of INR 10,000.

As Kalakriti 2023 came to an end, we can proudly say that it successfully united students from diverse backgrounds in celebration of wisdom, freedom, and art. We also look forward to raising the bar high in the years to come and preserving the enduring spirit of Kalakriti.

Kalakriti 2023 event: Art, wisdom, and freedom in harmony
Creative expressions at Kalakriti 2023, celebrating wisdom and art
A visual journey of wisdom, freedom, and art at Kalakriti 2023
Artistic display at Kalakriti 2023 event, showcasing creativity and talent
Participants engaged in artistic expressions at Kalakriti 2023
Wisdom and creativity on display at Kalakriti 2023
Celebration of art and freedom at Kalakriti 2023 event
Artistic expressions at Kalakriti 2023, a celebration of freedom
Artistic presentation at Kalakriti 2023, a festival of wisdom and art