• History

  • Economics

  • Psychology

  • Sociology
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  • History provides crucial insights into the past, helping students understand the roots of contemporary societies, cultures, and conflicts.
  • It offers valuable lessons from past events, enabling students to make informed decisions and shape a better future.
  • By studying history, students gain a broader perspective, fostering empathy, critical thinking, and an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.
  • Economics resolves the complex working of the global markets and their impact on societies, empowering students to make informed decisions.
  • Students will master the analytical tools to assess economic systems, address inequality and promote sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • With an understanding of economics, students will be able to address socio-economic challenges, create inclusive policies and build resilient and prosperous communities.
  • By studying economics, students gain the tools to address poverty, inequality, and environmental challenges, and foster sustainable development.
  • Psychology provides insights into human cognition, emotions, and behaviour, allowing students to understand themselves and others.
  • Equips students with skills to improve mental well-being, foster positive relationships, and promote empathy and understanding.
  • By studying psychology, students contributes to addressing mental health challenges, enhancing personal growth, and nurturing thriving communities.
  • Sociology helps students examine the structure, dynamics, and inequalities within societies, fostering a critical perspective on social issues.
  • It empowers students to challenge social norms, advocate for justice, and contribute to positive social change.
  • By studying sociology, students gain insights into diverse communities, enhance cultural competence, and work towards building inclusive and equitable societies.
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