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Principal's Message

Dr. Naveen Kumar C M - Principal Jain College Vasavi Road

We, at JAIN College, Vasavi Road, do our best to provide our students, a safe and promotive environment. Keeping in mind the competitive nature of today's scenario, JAIN College strives to encourage a healthy and strong personality among each and every student . In all courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, we push our students to do their best and create a mark using their underlying talents. To do so, we offer them facilities that stand up to the quality of the best colleges in the nation. JAIN College, Vasavi Road also gives the students the opportunity to fly higher through many activities that take place through the academic year. Additionally, our faculty and staff are trained and taught to show our students the way into this world, through love and respect for one another. Welcome to JAIN College, Vasavi Road.

Dr. Naveen Kumar C M



At Jain College, immerse yourself in a world of diverse academic pursuits across multiple departments, where you can explore the richness of economics, delve into the wonders of management, unlock the secrets of commerce, and ignite your passion for computer science. Experience a world of possibilities and embark on a fulfilling educational journey at Jain College, where your unique interests and aspirations are at the heart of your academic experience.


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Vasavi Road : Jan 05, 2020
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