Synergy and Triumph

The Unstoppable Force

JAIN College emerged as the champions of the Vijaya intercollegiate cricket tournament displaying extraordinary skill and teamwork. The batsmen showcased remarkable consistency, scoring formidable totals in each match. The bowlers displayed exceptional accuracy and variation, consistently taking crucial wickets. The fielding unit was unmatchable, executing brilliant catches and run-outs. The team's captain led by example, making strategic decisions and motivating the players. JAIN College's dominant performance throughout the tournament, powered by their ability to handle challenging situations, propelled them to victory, finally earning them the well-deserved title of "Champions"?.

A Sensational 40- Run Victory

Mitesh M and Tushar brilliantly led JAIN College, VV Puram to a sensational 40-run victory over Surana PU College in the final of the REVA Independence Day Cup. In this thrilling T-20 cricket tournament, JAIN College displayed exceptional teamwork and skillset. Mitesh M's explosive performance, coupled with Tushar's impeccable execution proved to be the decisive factor in the victory. JAIN College team’s determination and strategic gameplay throughout the tournament were rewarded as they emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title. This remarkable win added to the glorious moments for JAIN College VV Puram and cemented their dominance in intercollege cricket.

The Hoop Showdown

The JAIN College boys and girls teams emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious title at the state-level Chrispo-2015 basketball tournament hosted by Christ College. With an unstoppable spirit and remarkable teamwork, the players from JAIN College left their opponents in awe, etching their names in the history of basketball glory. Dribbling, dunking, and shooting their way to triumph, the boys and girls showcased their athletic skills, unwavering determination, and passion for the game. Their dominance on the court crowned them as the champions of Chrispo-2015, solidifying their place among basketball legends.

Triumphant, Thrilling Three-Wicket Victory

In an electrifying all-JAIN PUC title clash, VV Puram and JC Road branches showcased remarkable cricketing prowess at the Global Academy's intercollegiate tournament. The match witnessed intense moments and exceptional performances from both sides, showcasing the impartial talent and dedication of these teams. However, it was the VV Puram branch that emerged triumphant with a thrilling 3-wicket victory. JC Road branch also showcased their mettle and fought valiantly, making the contest a memorable one. Kudos to both teams for their outstanding sportsmanship, creating a spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

Unwavering Determination

The JAIN College women's team demonstrated their unwavering dedication and emerged as deserving champions in the KSCA Girl's intercollegiate tournament held at JSS Road. With their impeccable skills and unwavering determination, they conquered all obstacles in their path to claim the coveted title they deserved. The team's unity, strategic brilliance, and exceptional performances defined their victorious journey. Their triumph not only showcases their individual talent but also underscores their collective strength. JAIN College's women's team has set a remarkable example of dedication and sportsmanship, inspiring aspiring cricketers. Congratulations to the JAIN College women's team for their outstanding achievement and for etching their names in the history of women's cricket.

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