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Elite Club conducts a variety of events to meet the communication needs of students.

Elite Club

The Elite Club conducts a plethora of mind boggling events for the students. With a range of activities, the club meets the communication needs of the students. The events include competitions, guest lectures, and activities such as Debate, Creative Writing, Word Games and Play held round the year. The literary activities of the club enable the students to flourish in both verbal and non-verbal form of communications.

Kannada Vedike of Jain College conducts intra-collegiate fest to promote Kannada literature and culture.

Kannada Vedike

The Kannada Vedike of Jain College conducts an intra-collegiate literary cultural fest to create awareness among students about the Kannada language, rich culture of Karnataka, its history and heritage. Kannada patriotism will be displayed in high spirits during the fest as students will come together and perform cultural activities, thus promoting Kannada literature and culture.

Science forum provides platform for students to showcase talents, creativity, and access knowledge

Science Forum

The Science forum provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents and creativity in the field of Science. It also enables the students to access a wealth of knowledge and information which will contribute to an overall understanding to how and why things work like they do. The forum conducts activities like Science Carnival, Conquizdor, Just a Minute, Spell-Bee so on.

Maneesha conducts literary events to develop students' literary sense, moral values.

Samskrita Sangha

Maneesha, the Sanskrit Forum of Jain College, V V Puram strives hard to cater to the literary inquisitiveness of the students. It tries to develop the aesthetic sense of the young minds, through language and dramatic skills. The main objective of the department is to imbibe moral and cultural values. With these intentions various guest lectures and seminars, inter-class and inter-collegiate literary competitions such as Vedavyasa Jayanti, Jihwakeli, Vishwa Samskrita Dinotsava, Chitra Meemamsa etc. are conducted for the students.

Eco Club promotes sustainable development through Greenathon and other activities

Eco Club

The Eco Club aims at bringing awareness of Clean and Green Consciousness in the youth by sensitising them about sustainable development through various activities. Greenathon, the event helps to promote, monitor and operate sustainable activities such as Best out of Waste, Visual Perception of Ecological Concepts, and Measures to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.

Cultural Forum nurtures raw talents through apprenticeships and events.

Cultural Forum

The Cultural Forum, All for One - One for All, discovers and nurtures raw talents, molding them into successful artists, entertainers, and fashion icons. The club offers apprenticeships, transforming aspiring youth into skilled and confident individuals. Their events include Taru Samskriti and Fahrenheit.

Commerce Forum empowers students to shape their future through vibrant avenues, events, and activities.

Commerce Forum

The Commerce Forum, with the motto "It's Time to Shift to a Better You," provides vibrant avenues for students to shape their future. It enhances knowledge, competence, professionalism, and showcases innovation in business and extracurricular activities. The forum includes events on entrepreneurship development, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and disseminating information about the competitive business world. Activities like Business Boomers, Corporate Roadies, Data Manifest, Carnival of Countries, and Commerce Crunchers are organised.

NCC trains students in leadership, responsibility. 2A/5 Coy NCC adjudged 'Best' 10 times

National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps is a leadership training activity for students that teaches them responsibility and resourcefulness. Students, who are physically fit, are encouraged to join the NCC (National Cadet Corps). The 2A/5 Coy NCC of 7 Kar Battalion of Jain College established in the year 1996 has been adjudged the 'Best Institution' in Karnataka, Kerala and Goa 10 times in 15 years. More than 14 cadets have been commissioned in the Indian Armed Forces.

Hindi Parishad promotes Hindi through literary activities, YUVA MANCH, and inter-collegiate competitions

Hindi Parishad

Hindi Parishad fosters awareness and interest in the Hindi language through literary activities. The enthusiastic members, influenced by creative culture, form a team. YUVA MANCH, the exclusive Hindi Magazine published by Hindi Parishad, provides a platform for talented students to showcase their skills. The forum organises various activities like Guru Purnima, Guest Lectures, Teachers' Day, Skit Competition, Sahithyik Saptah, etc. It encourages students to participate in inter-collegiate competitions and bring accolades to the college.