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1st PUC admission Bangalore 

The first step towards a career-centric education begins with the PUC programme that you choose.

JAIN College offers Pre-university courses (PUC) in Science, Commerce and Arts fields that adhere to the state board-recommended curriculum. Additionally, the college has many integrated programmes for preparation for entrance tests, career-centric skills, and personality development.

The JAIN Group of Institutions is among the leading education hubs for school, graduate and post-graduate education. JAIN College provides students with exceptional pedagogy to help them deliver their best performance in the crucial two years of PUC. The faculty and administration have firsthand knowledge of the new developments in education and the approach students must take to help them qualify for the college programme to which they wish to apply. The school offers many extracurricular activities and integrated programmes that groom students as professionals and teach them skills that are important to thrive in the 21st-century job market.

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PUC Programmes Offered in JAIN College  

In PUC, the subjects are divided into three streams, and students must opt for any one stream depending on various factors such as -

  • The college/ university course qualifying requirements
  • The student’s interest
  • The student’s aptitude
  • Availability of the subject combination that the student wishes to study
  • Availability of seats for the programme
International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore

The three streams and subject combinations offered by JAIN College for 1st PUC admission in Bangalore are  

Science Stream

In the Science stream, physics, chemistry, mathematics and English are compulsory subjects. Students must choose a second language, in JAIN College, we offer options between Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit. Also, they choose another optional subject, which leads to the following course combinations -

  • PCMB - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • PCMC - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • PCME - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics
  • PCMS - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics

Students must choose any one course combination and a second language. JAIN College also offers an integrated course under which students simultaneously attend classes for entrance tests such as NEET, JEE Main and KCET, so that they can prepare for PUC and entrance tests for various college programmes in the college itself.

Commerce Stream

In the Commerce stream, Accounts, Business Studies and English are compulsory subjects. Students must choose two optional subjects and a second language. The course combinations that are available at JAIN College are -

  • ABMS - Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, Statistics
  • ABES - Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics
  • ABEM - Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics
  • ABECs - Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science
  • ABSCs - Accounts, Business Studies, Statistics, Computer Science

The second language alternatives are Hindi, Kannada or Sanskrit. JAIN College offers a Commerce integrated course where the students start preparing for the CA Foundation course in 1st PUC itself so that they are ready to appear for the competitive entrance test on time.

Arts Stream

In the commerce streams, students take English as a compulsory first language. They can choose any one of the subject combinations from -

  • HEPyS - History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology
  • EPPyS - Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
  • HEPyP - History, Economics, Psychology, Political Science

For the second language, the alternatives are Hindi, Sanskrit and Kannada.

International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore

Admission Process for 1st PUC in Bangalore 

The admission to 1st PUC is made based on the 10th grade board marks from any recognised boards, that is SSLC, CBSE, ICSE, or international education boards like IB or IGCSE. The cut-off marks to qualify for admission depend on the PUC stream and the subject combination the students wish to take. The qualifying marks change each year. To apply to JAIN College, you must first create an account on their website and fill out the application.

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Best IB Schools in Bangalore
5 reasons to choose JAIN College  
  1. The curriculum, pedagogy and experience

    We don’t simply focus on high scores, but also ensure the student has a strong foundation in the subjects and important skills to be university-ready in two years.

  2. The integrated programmes

    We give our students every advantage by ensuring that they start early and remain consistent with their studies so that they are in a better position for success.

  3. Extracurricular activities that put mind over matter

    Every extracurricular activity is designed to help students gain more experience, develop important skills, and help them maintain a fine mental balance.

  4. Student-centricity

    The pedagogy, school infrastructure and teachers’ approach in class are all focused on ensuring that students get attention and are guided and counselled to maintain a positive outlook and remain goal-oriented.

  5. Leveraging the education technology

    We use modern teaching aids and best practices to ensure that students have conceptual clarity and a thorough understanding of the subject and are prepared to apply it in any situation.