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Best College for ABMS 

Integrated Programmes

Best College for ABMS 

For success in Commerce, your first investment must be in the right education.

Management, finance and commerce are all around us and whether you are looking at a career in core Commerce areas or otherwise, you will find the study of Commerce subjects highly relevant to your personal and professional life. Dive into this exciting branch that defines the movement of money and the economy.

Integrated Programmes

JAIN College offers a progressive curriculum around the PUC Commerce stream to create curiosity and stoke the interest of the students in this vibrant stream. Commerce goes beyond number crunching to explain how businesses are structured and operate. JAIN College introduces students to the various roles they can play and opportunities for entrepreneurship, management and finance that students can access. The institute has a strong reputation for enabling students to achieve their full potential by creating a conducive learning environment.

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Scope with ABMS 

Scope with ABMS 

In PUC Commerce, there are three compulsory subjects, which are Accountancy, Business Studies and English and two optional subjects which are Mathematics, and Statistics. The optional subjects are offered in combination such as -

ABMS: Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics & Statistics

  • B. Com
  • BBA
  • B.A.(Economics)
  • BMS
  • BCA
  • Chartered Accountancy

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounts Manager
  • Market/Sales Researcher
  • Derivatives/ Commodity trader
  • Financial Markets/ Business Analyst
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The Hallmark of the Best PU Colleges in Bangalore 

ABMS stands for Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics & Statistics. It is a subject combination offered in the PUC Commerce stream.

With the ABMS combination, students can pursue various college programmes such as B. Com, BBA, B.A. (Economics), BMS, BCA, and Chartered Accountancy. Career fields that students can explore include finance, management, economics, and computer applications.

JAIN College offers a progressive curriculum and a conducive learning environment for students pursuing the ABMS combination. The institute has a strong reputation for enabling students to achieve their full potential in the field of commerce.

In PUC Commerce with ABMS combination, the compulsory subjects are Accountancy, Business Studies, and English. The optional subjects include Mathematics and Statistics.

Students with ABMS combination can explore careers in finance, management, economics, computer applications, and chartered accountancy, among others.

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