How PU Students Should Do Self-Study?

How to do Self-study as a PU Student

How to start your journey to self-study as a PU Student?

Are you a PU student and willing to know about the right strategies to study on your own? Then, firstly, you need to opt for an appropriate place to study where you can only focus on your learning and strategizing for your academic performance without any distractions.

Having a fixed place of study sends your brain signals to gear you up so that you can start your journey without distractions. Note that your study room or space must have proper natural sunlight and ventilation. Maintaining a good posture throughout the study helps to keep your focus intact. As a result, you can understand topics and learn concepts faster and easier.

How to continue your journey to self-study as a PU Student?

Pre-preparation sets the Momentum:
You need to have a solid strategy or plan or routine before starting your journey to self-study. In other words, pre-preparation is a must to bring the best of your study sessions. For instance, if you have scheduled your study from 7 PM, then you would have to get prepared by 6:45 PM.

Collect all your study materials on your desk to avoid distractions later. Do not forget to keep a water bottle near you to stay hydrated throughout the session. The whole point is to keep intermittent distractions as minimum as possible.

Take Short Breaks once in a while:
Do not forget to take short breaks (less than 10 minutes) in between your session. You can relax by closing your eyes or taking a stroll around your backyard. If your study needs to you invest a lot of time in front of the computer screen, then you need to restrict your overall screen time. Do not use your electronic devices when you are on breaks.

Plan your Study Schedule in advance:
Do you want to take your academic achievements to the next level, as a PU student? If yes, then you need to plan what you are going to cover the next day throughout your study schedule. Note down the chapters or concepts you want to cover the next day. Thus, your brain can be tuned automatically and you can execute your plans accordingly.

When you are all set to go to bed and call it a day, take a quick glance at your notebook to check which study plans have been accomplished and which are pending. Thus, you can concentrate on the pending ones the very next day before proceeding to the next chapters. Thus, you can cover the entire syllabus with the ace without overlooking any portion.

About the Exam Preparation:
Do not forget to practice at least two of last year’s question papers to grasp the pattern and style. Moreover, you should take mock tests, as much as possible, to attain the speed of writing for actual exams. Do not try to learn new concepts 15 days before the test. Utilize the time to revise the concepts you have already aced.

Determination, consistency, and patience would set you apart from your peers. And you can expect to achieve excellent results through your hard work and solid preparation.