Do's and Don'ts for Students at College

Dos and Donts for Success in College

First of all, my heartiest congratulations for making it up to college. This is when you will learn so much and prepare for your career. The first year of college is crucial as it will set the base for the forthcoming years. This is a challenging phase for anyone as you will shift your curriculum pattern and become independent as an adult. As you come across new people, new grading systems, and new goals, the journey can be tiring, and there can be a time when you can make mistakes and ruin your life.

So, today, we have brought you some Do's and Don'ts that one can follow to lead a seamless college life!


#Apply for scholarships and financial aid

Not all of us come from financially stable backgrounds and often struggle to pay our tuition fees. The first thing you must do is look for scholarships and financial aid from your college. Several colleges offer various scholarship schemes for majors, club activities, sports, etc. Once you become eligible to access this scholarship, perform in such a way that you can maintain it.

#Study from second-hand books

Students can save a lot of money if they can study from used or second-hand books. Usually, the syllabus doesn't change very often; if they do, you will know about it. In case it stays the same, you can buy second-hand books at a half or one-third price either from your seniors or bookstores that keep a collection of second-hand books.

#Focus on studying in college

Just because you are a college student doesn't give you the license to do whatever you can. This is not the time to enjoy and not study. Avoid procrastinating your study plans and make a proper routine for studying. You must complete your assignments on time to prepare good projects and score better marks in internal exams.

#Ask questions when in doubt

Many people may feel shy, but they don't know that asking questions is a great way to improve, learn and grow. You must ask for help when needed, either from your classmates, seniors, or teachers. If you are constantly failing a subject or unable to understand a topic, seek help from your friends who score good marks or email your professors with your doubts.

#Think of college as a life-changing event

College life is very vast and diverse. Ensure you are not just holed up and running from one class to another. Make room for friendships and build a network that can guide you further in your career. Prioritise yourself and find time to do things that give you joy. Lastly, remember to safe-keep the original 'YOU' and evolve as a better version of yourself.


#Don't procrastinate

Procrastination, or delaying things for the future, can become the mother of your disappointments. It can bring you trouble if you keep an 'I-can-get-it-done' attitude for your assessments, projects, or term paper preparation. Sometimes, last-minute preparation can be revolutionary, but not always. Do not bet your life on doing things in the future. Rather, take a grip of your present and multi-task so you can deliver the best in the future.

#Don't think of college as a rat race

A college is where you can lay the foundation of your future self. This is where you evolve and become the person you have always dreamed of. So, focus on doing things that are important for your self-growth and improvement and not just to impress someone. Do not stress over others scoring an A+; focus on improving from B+ to A. Small improvements to edify yourself are what will take you toward your goals.

#Don't waste too much of your time on futile engagements

It is okay to have fun with your friends and companions as it helps to relieve stress and makes you more productive. However, this doesn't imply that you should spend two third of your time partying or going out now and then. Always prioritise things that will bring you long-term success and work on them.

#Don't forget that you are not alone

Many people may find it troublesome to adjust to college life and face bullying, harassment, depression, anxiety, or a family crisis. All of these factors can impact your mental well-being and drive you insane. So, if you find yourself struggling with these emotions, reach out to an adult near you ASAP and seek help. You are not alone in this journey; we are here to help you!


College life is rewarding and stressful both at the same time. It could take a while for you to navigate college life on your own but trust me, once you adjust to it completely ? you will become ready to face the world, even in the adverse situation! Living at home often comes with the comfort of your own space and your mother bringing you your favourite foods.

So, this journey may be full of bumps and bites; however, you must learn to face and overcome them. Enjoy the ride, take it in slowly, learn as much as possible about yourself and your major, and keep on evolving! Do not fret or run away from situations; rather, deal with them bravely.