A Comprehensive Guide to Choose a Career After 12th Science

Guide to Choose a Career After 12th Science

Class 12th, regarded as the blueprint for the future of a student, is a significant milestone in a student's academic life. It is the threshold to the world of higher education, where academic choices long impact a student’s career and professional journey.

The popularity of Science Stream among Students:

Science stream has been a popular choice among the students for it opens the door to popular careers like Engineering and Medicine. One of the primary benefits that science students enjoy is that they are eligible for science as well as non-science career options.

How to Make the Right Choice?

Career options after 12th Science are not limited to technical and medical fields alone. Sometimes the availability of too many options may complicate the decision-making process and leave you confused. The course selection at the college level acts as a major turning point in providing direction to your career, thus it must be a well-thought and well-analyzed decision.

One must consider the following before making a choice:

  • Analyze your interests and passions
  • Have a basic understanding of the course
  • Consider its prospects
  • Have a mental clarity
  • Do not choose a stream or an option under peer pressure or just because your friends think it is fancy
  • Do not let parental pressure affect your choice

Now when it comes to making important career decisions, choosing the right college and institution is extremely crucial as it becomes a part of your identity for the rest of your life.

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) is one of the premier universities in India that aims at creating an advanced institution for professional learning of international standing where the pursuit of knowledge and excellence remains the utmost priority. Offering a wide range of contemporary and industry-driven courses, the University provides you a platform for academic excellence with subjects that are constructed to provide equal emphasis on theoretical and practical exposure.

Listed below are some of the top courses offered at the university which you can consider for pursuing your graduation.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Animation with International Moving Image Society, UK: If you wish to make your mark in the fastest growing and high-paying animation industry, this course is your one-stop-shop. Provide your creativity and imagination, the right technical training and guidance to bring out the expression and essence of your characters.

Biochemistry, Genetics, and Biotechnology (BcGBt): If genes and their interaction with the environment, or multidisciplinary science of Biotechnology, or the study of mechanisms of life at the molecular level interests you, then BcGBt is just the course for you. This course offers a study of all living forms, micro, and macro-organisms.

Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology (CMBt): This course has been designed to provide you the knowledge of life sciences and concepts of chemistry such as chemical bonding, thermodynamics, biochemistry, and other aspects of chemistry.

Digital Film Making integrated with International Moving Image Society, UK: If you are someone who wishes to gain insights into filmmaking, photography, and drawing skills, then this course is well-suited for you. You will get to learn the basics of filmmaking, short films, and documentary filmmaking.

Gaming with International Moving Image Society, UK: If gaming and coding have been your passions, then you will be surprised to know that you can make a career out of it. This course will help you learn how to visualize, design, and write programing codes for computer and video games.

Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science: This course has been designed to provide you a comprehensive understanding of these subjects so that you can meet the ever-growing demands of the related industries. It also prepares you for higher studies and research.

Renewable Energy, Physics, Computer Science: Due to factors like rapid depletion of energy resources, environmental pollution, and global warming a degree in Renewable Energy is in demand, and when combined with Computer Science and Physics this helps you know about technology and Physics behind the natural resources.

Graphics & VFX with Arena Certified Expert in Graphic Design & VFX: This comprehensive course has been designed to provide you a thorough knowledge of graphic design, visual effects, VFX, 2D, and 3D Animation, digital filmmaking, typography, FX, Dynamics, and simulation to make you industry-ready.

Bachelor of Science (for Professional Course)

Forensic Science: JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) is one of the very few institutions in India that offer a degree in forensic science. If forensic science has been on your mind as a career choice and you think you have it in you to investigate a crime scene, then here’s a course to brush your instincts. The course revolves around the application of scientific knowledge in criminal investigation and the study of human anatomy.

Bachelor of Science (Honors)

Data Science and Analytics Integrated with Institute of Analytics (IoA-UK) + Royal Economics Society, UK + Royal Statistical Society (RSS-UK): This program will inculcate scientific aptitude, innovative, and critical thinking ability in you to enable you to conduct research and interpret data-driven investigation, analyze quantitative and qualitative data through in-depth knowledge and arrive at scientific solutions.

Forensic Science with Certified Fraud Examiner, USA + CSOFS, UK: Forensic Science has become an integral part of the modern judicial system. In this course, you will learn all the major aspects of forensic science. It teaches you how clues are collected from a crime scene, and how to deal with physical evidence such as hair, blood, and fingerprints that are taken to the laboratories to be presented as evidence in the court of law.

Along with the above-mentioned courses JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) also offers Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology and Information Security, Cybersecurity program, Data Analytics, Intelligent Process Automation, Internet of Things, Mobile Application and Information Security, Mobile Application and Cloud Technology, and User Interface and User experience.

As a part of (BCA-Electives), the university offers a Bachelor of Computer Application integrated with Certification in CompTIA Server+

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) through its contemporary and industry-driven approach helps students to set foot on the higher educational journey they seek. As an educational institution, it offers job-centric courses that allow students to gain knowledge while gaining industry exposure. And when it comes to entrepreneurial development and scientific research, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) has always been a supporter.