Options after 12th in Arts Stream

Options after 12th in Arts Stream

Choosing the right stream post the completion of class 12th is extremely important and difficult as it sets the path for your higher studies and future career. This choice becomes even more difficult for students who studied arts in 12th standard as the stream enjoys the status of being the most underrated one. The stigma of arts not being the first choice among the meritorious students is false. Contrary to popular belief, the arts stream can offer a plethora of options and leave you spoiled with choices. Lack of proper knowledge and guidance may make it extremely difficult for students to make the right choice.

The stream offers knowledge on human society and the world around us. It includes subjects like history, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, law, anthropology, philosophy, languages, geography, home science, and many others. It is a discipline of education designed to encourage creativity, a sense of freedom, expression, and self-dependency among individuals.

The pre-requisites to choose arts:

  • You must possess a creative bent of mind
  • You must be receptive to new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs
  • There must be a seeking spirit in you
  • The power of imagination is always an advantage
  • Your communication skills must be your forte
  • A knack for theoretical learning and detailed research must interest you

If the above points define you, then, by all means, Arts is just the stream for you.

The arts stream is extremely diverse and offers various career options and opportunities to students. Due to the availability of such diverse areas of studies, career options and UG programs associated with this stream are equally impressive. Upon the completion of class 12th, students will have access to numerous professional courses. You can pursue BA in various streams, technical courses, law courses, management courses, designing courses, physical education courses, fashion courses, performing arts, teaching courses, and vocational training courses.

Studying Arts with JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)

Bachelor of Arts

Optional English, Psychology, Journalism: If you are someone with an equal inclination towards psychology, journalism, and English, then you must consider this one. It is an interlinked study of these courses and offers a variety of career enhancement programs throughout. It is a unique course designed to provide an understanding of human psychology, principles, and practices of journalism and English.
Psychology, Sociology, Economics: This course offers a perfect amalgamation of psychology, sociology, and economics to students who have an interest in understanding economic processes, social behaviors, and human behavior. It has been designed to help students learn how closely the human mind, society, culture, and economy of a country are interlinked.

Bachelor of Arts (Honors)

Economics: The program is integrated with the Royal Economics Society, UK, and is offered in association with Certified Chartered Economists, UK. It is a program designed to promote the study of economic science. So, if you are someone with a keen interest in economic processes, practices, and reforms, this course is ideal to sedate your hunger for knowledge.

Music: The program is offered in collaboration with Dr. L Subramaniam's Lakshminarayana Global Center of Excellence. The program has been designed to impart knowledge of Carnatic singing, violin, veena, mridangam, and western piano. It follows a holistic approach in teaching music and empowering students to become performers with knowledge of global music.

Bachelor of Arts (Professional)

Journalism & Mass Communication: The course provides an industry-driven curriculum to students who wish make a successful career in journalism and mass communication. Be it nuances of reporting or technical skills, this course covers all. The program has been designed to impart knowledge about ethics, practices, and skills related to the field.

Apart from the above-mentioned UG programs, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) also offers a Master of Arts in Economics, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Public Policy and Governance. It also offers Master of Performing Arts in Classical Dance, Karnataka Classical Music, and Global Music. It also offers PGD programs in Comparative Literature, Psychological Counselling, and Sports Psychology.