Career Options for Students Pursuing Academic Programmes in Humanities

Career Options after Humanities

Sheetal was watching TV when her cousin asked her what she planned to do after her 10th examination. Sheetal, an ardent fan of History channels, expressed her interest in pursuing academic programmes in the Humanities. Her cousin laughed and asked her to drop the plan immediately as, apparently, 'there are no proper career prospects in humanities.'

This is a story of not just one family but several others. We are made to believe that there are no career options after pursuing academic programmes in 'the humanities'. People often neglect or are ignorant of the plethora of career opportunities that humanities can provide for themselves or their children.

So, if you, too, are going to join the bandwagon, how about you read this article till the end before you take your final call?

Career Options for Students Pursuing Academic Programmes in Humanities

In this new age, career options in the humanities can be diverse and interesting. Several organisations are looking for candidates who are creative and innovative. The list of career opportunities can be huge, so sit tight till the end.


A journalist is a professional who researches, investigates and reports news on national and international issues and happenings. They primarily work with newspapers, television, radio, magazines and other media outlets. Journalists pitch creative story ideas to the editors and can also add a level of personalisation to each piece. These professionals find and make content that offers a unique perspective to the readers.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers create attractive visuals to communicate thoughts, ideas or information for print and online media. They can couple these innovative skills with software skills to earn well. These days, graphic designers are in much demand in the industry. Whatever they create can inform, inspire and engage the end customers. They use print design, animation and photography to create eye-catching visuals that can be used for advertising campaigns and product branding.


Imagine you can analyse how the human mind works and study why people behave as they do! No? Well, then, let me introduce you to the world of Psychology! Psychology is a multifaceted discipline which imparts knowledge on how the brain works, how our memory is organized, why we behave in a certain manner, why we feel certain emotions or how people interact in groups. You can become a psychologist and even major in different specialisations such as clinical psychology, forensic psychology, counselling psychology, family therapy, career counselling, industrial psychology, behavioural neuroscience, sports psychology etc.


India is humongously populated, and we need professionals who can maintain and structure law and order in the country. Someone who can give justice against wrong-doings and advise people on various legal matters on personal or professional matters. That's what a lawyer does!

A lawyer is a trained and licensed professional who manages, prepares, defends or prosecutes court actions and acts as a legal advisor for his clients. Lawyers are one of the most sought-after jobs in the country after medical and engineering. You can choose from various options like litigation, corporate counsel, or Indian legal services. Many law graduates can select their area of specialization from varied options like civil law, criminal law, intellectual property rights, tax laws, international human rights, etc.

Social Media Manager

As we become more advanced in technology, we are also frequently adopting digital means of communication. That's why social media management has become crucial in today's market scenario, where social media holds the acer card in the marketing field. Therefore, you can become a social media manager responsible for developing strategies to increase followers, managing social media campaigns, creating content, reviewing analytics, and communicating with key stakeholders in a company.

Wrapping Up

The list goes on and on... You can also try your hand in the hotel and hospitality domain, where you can work in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, railways, resorts, airlines, etc. You can also become an event manager and expand your career prospects as a teacher. Therefore, the range of career opportunities is vast and diverse. So, if you are still reluctant to take humanities as your founding ground for future academic programmes - well, this is the wake-up call to explore lucrative options in this domain and build a bright career in this competitive world!