Best Subject Combinations For Commerce In 1st PU

Top Commerce Subject Choices for 1st PU Students

A Short Introduction to the Commerce Course in 1st PU
The Pre-University (PU) or Pre-Degree Course (also known as PUC or PDC) needs a student to dedicate two years in their lives to complete 1st PUC (1st Year) as well as 2nd PUC (2nd Year) in one of the available pre-university colleges. Are you interested in Commerce education and envision yourself being a professional in one of the fields of Commerce? Then, you need to know about the best subject combinations for Commerce in 1st PUC (before moving to the following year).

The duration of the course is two years under the affiliation of the Department of Pre-University Education. In addition, the academic system in this regard is on yearly basis. If you are interested in pursuing this course, you need to crack the State-specific Entrance Examination. Moreover, the entrance examination’s syllabus consists of the English language, logical reasoning, numerical ability, general knowledge, and MCQs.

Career Opportunities
Diverse career opportunities are available for students in this regard, such as investment banker, teacher or lecturer, chartered accountant, entrepreneur, higher studies, retail manager, certified public accountant, and so on.

Subjects in 1st PU in Commerce
The 1st PU in Commerce is an amalgamation of Business Studies and Accounts with Mathematics or Economics or Statistics or Computer Science stream. The course aims to ensure comprehensive education for students in the commerce stream. Thus, not only do students gain in-depth theoretical knowledge but also acquire adequate experience in practical applications in Commerce subjects.

Needless to say, cutting-edge educational institutions come with diverse pedagogies in terms of presentations, workshops, projects, lectures, and seminars. As a result, students, interested in doing something big in the commerce field, achieve in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn themselves into competent professionals in upcoming years.

In addition, today’s educational institutions leave no stone unturned to boost the decision-making and critical-thinking ability as well as research and entrepreneurship skills of students throughout the curriculum.

Major Subjects of 1st PU in Commerce
It is time to check out the major subject combinations for 1st PU in Commerce:

ABMS: It is the combination of subjects namely Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, and Statistics.

ABES: The combination comprises subjects like Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics.

ABEM: It is a combination of subjects like Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, and Mathematics.

ABEC: The combination consists of subjects namely Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, and Computer Science.

ABSC: The combination is all about the subjects like Accounts, Business Studies, Statistics, and Computer Science.

Different career prospects are available for students based on the combination they have chosen for their careers. For instance, ABMS comes with excellent opportunities for fashion designing, management, computer application, and so on.

On the other hand, ABES helps students to dive into vocational courses, journalism, management, law, and so on. By completing ABEM, you can step into the fields of fashion design, management, vocational courses, and so on. ABSC and ABEC offer similar career opportunities to students. Hence, what are you waiting for? Select your combination today and work to fulfill your dreams.