Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs to Consider after 12th

Programs to Consider after 12th

The transition from school to college is a drastic one. Till you were at schools you had definite streams and their designated subjects. But as you are about to enter your college you need to decide on your choice of subject more precisely. Most of the college entering students face common confusion of “What is the best career option after class 12th?” “What is the best combination of subjects?” “Where should you apply?”

The choice of Bachelor degree program is one of the most crucial steps in shaping your career. Currently there is a wide variety of diploma, certificates, and degree courses to choose forms offered by many reputed universities and college. Though making a choice can be tough; it can be perplexing, prodigious and limitless. College education is like providing you wind beneath your wings, once you know how to take its advantage you can fly anywhere you want.
Though mainstream undergraduate courses like BA, BSc and BCom are still and will be in demand, but there are many recently launched courses and subjects which are equally good. You can choose your Bachelor degree depending on your passion and interest.

Here are some of the best Bachelor degree programs to consider after class 12:

  • Bachelor of Science degree – For students who want to be a part of the science background they have a wide range of subjects to choose from. Not only that if you have passed your 12th in science you can also take up major in commerce and humanities subject. BSc is a three-year study program that is typical if you intend to pursue study in science group. However, there is a plethora of subjects you can choose major from. While there the conventional subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics that will open arenas of a flourishing career like scientist, academician, researcher, and lots more there is a choice of latest subjects like Food science, Fashion technology, Bio technology, Leather science Robotics and Computer studies that can promise you a promising career as well.
  • Bachelor of Technology – If you have a Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) combination in your 12th you can go for BTech/ Engineering studies. Apart from the mother engineering trades like Mechanical, Civil and Electrical trade, you can also choose from Environmental Engineering Bioengineering & Biotechnology, Industrial Management, Materials Science, Mining, Oil & Gas Aviation & Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Medical Sciences – If you have interest in life sciences or in healthcare, then After class 12th you have some fabulous options. Studying MBBS is the most conventional option, however, these days there are varies new courses in this healthcare and medical like Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Nursing, that ensures an eventful career.
  • Courses under Commerce stream – If the money world attracts you then, you can pursue commerce stream. Bachelors in Commerce (B. Com)Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) are the most popular courses among commerce students, however, there are various other professional certification and courses that you can pursue, if you wish to make your career in the financial world.
  • Courses under Arts Stream – If you have a creative bent of mind, you can pursue courses in humanities. Apart from studying languages, you can study creative arts and subjects like Geography, Economics, Psychology, and Political science. Additionally, there are various other evolving subjects like International politics, Fashion Communication, Mass communication and Journalism.