6 Reason to choose Jain College for Higher Education?

Reasons to choose Jain College

You will find numerous options for PU College in Bangalore, but your choice must be made carefully to ensure optimum career achievements. We have listed down six reasons why Jain college is one of the most preferred college for higher education.

  • Affiliation and recognitions
    It is the primary criteria for selecting an institution. Without proper affiliation, there would be no value of your degree, nor will it be acceptable by the institutions for higher studies and jobs thereafter. Jain College has affiliation from a central accredited Jain (Deemed-to-be University) and hence fits the primary criteria.

  • Choice of Courses
    PU education is all about focusing on the subjects of your choice to make a career you are passionate about. Jain College being one of the top PU Colleges in Bangalore will offer you a choice of courses in diverse streams like ScienceCommerce, Management, or Aviation. Jain College in addition will provide you a choice of course in Commerce and Science, additionally, you one can pursue B.COM, M.COM, PGDM and Aviation degree in this institute.

  • Faculty and Quality of Teaching
    Teachers are the guiding star of any institute, and the more experienced and qualified the teachers are, the more excellent will their students be. You will be spending two of your career foundation years in a PU college and if you can learn from industry stalwarts, you will be a step near to your dream career and Jain College offers you that.

  • Holistic curriculum and Pedagogy
    Jain College being a premier educational institution does more than just imparting education restricted to the formal syllabus. PU college is the pathway of a successful career and hence the pedagogy of the institute should focus on the holistic development of a student to adapt to the dynamic world inculcating values of self-enrichment and integrity in addition to theoretical knowledge.
  • Regular Reviews
    They say ‘Teaching is incomplete without proper evaluation’; it’s true. Unless you are evaluated, you won’t be confident about your learnings. Jain College emphasizes reviewing the academic performance of the students regularly and identify each one’s weaknesses and strengths. Parent-teacher meetings are held at regular intervals to keep parents updated about their kids.

  • Scope of Scholarship
    At times financial assistance is necessary for continuing studies. Jain college as a responsible educational institution makes necessary arrangements for providing scholarships and rewards, so that even in case of financial distress, you can continue your studies.

Jain college in addition to all the reasons mentioned above is equipped with all the necessary infrastructural support needed by students to excel in their studies. State of the art library, high-end laboratories, industry-specific practical rooms, and sports equipment are some necessary facilities that Jain college offers to its students to experience an enriched academic journey. A good educational institution should not only focus on academics. Hence Jain college motivate students for some extracurricular activities as well like National Cadet Corps (NCC) or National Service Scheme (NSS) to shape the humanitarian aspect of the students.

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