5 Reasons That Make Accounting an Awesome Profession

Why Accounting is an Awesome Career

Accounting is the life blood of every organization and is a rewarding profession in terms of security and pay. From ensuring that the money is coming in to keeping the doors open and lights on, accountants are essential to any organization.

Accounting is a career that has long offered steady employment with a variety of opportunities. We show you 5 reasons why you should choose this field.

  1. Endless Job Opportunities
    Although some people worry that accounting will become obsolete because of technological advances, that is simply not the case! As the roles shift and become more analytical rather than data-centric, technology is actually enabling a wider variety of exciting careers in accounting. Despite advances in AI and automation, businesses need accountants to understand complicated tax laws and ever-changing regulations. In addition, accountants decode financial information to help organizations make informed decisions.
  2. Rewarding and Exciting Work
    Accounting is viewed as more than just entering numbers into spreadsheets, carrying around calculators, and hovering over calculator screens. In reality, accountants play an essential role in helping their organizations. By interpreting financial data, you can help your organization make better informed decisions and grow exponentially. You can help business make
    • Better ‘Go to Market’ strategies
    • Plan new business ideas or predict unprofitable ones
    • Estimating profit and loss of new business plans
    • Predicting any unprofitable business plan
  3. Variety of Roles and Industries
    Accountants provide financial services to a wide variety of organizations. Some companies have in-house teams, while others rely on accounting agencies to handle their finances. Accounting offers you the opportunity to work for blue collared companies or those whom you have dreamt of become a part!

    Depending on the type of firm you work for, you can choose to have a wide variety of clients or focus on one sector only. For example, you can choose to join accounting firms who specialize in local schools or those who have a wide clientele of state government agencies.

    There are numerous career roles to choose from if you wish to become an accountant. Lateral career entries are also increasingly becoming popular amongst aspiring accountants. Pursuing accountancy in academics you can expect the following roles:
    • Cost accounting
    • Internal auditing
    • Forensic accounting
    • Financial reporting 
    • Tax accounting
  4. Great Salary for Accountants
    Accountants in the UK will earn an average of £51,200 per year in 2022. Most of these jobs require advanced degrees and certifications. Businesses are willing to pay higher salaries for such credentials. Getting additional training and certification will increase your salary because you will become better at your current job and be eligible for more advanced roles.
  5. Growth Opportunities
    An accounting career can also prepare you for a role as a manager. Lateral moves are becoming increasingly popular, but accounting careers can also prepare you for a role as a leader. With a background in accounting, you can consider management opportunities. CEO and CFO roles, as well as other corporate executives benefit from having an understanding of accounting. In your role as an accountant, you will work with people from different companies, offering you the chance to build a diversified network as you navigate your way to your dream job.