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Hindi Parishad to Celebrate Guru Purnima on 3rd July

Hindi Parishad to Celebrate Guru Purnima on 3rd July

Hindi Parishad, the literary forum of Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College is a platform for students to showcase their creativity, leadership, teamwork, coordination and cooperation skills. Throughout the year, Hindi Parishad organises events and competitions where students can take part and Guru Purnima is one such occasion. Every year this day is celebrated by Hindi Parishad to express gratitude for the teachers and mentors who shape us. This year the forum is celebrating this special day on Monday, 3rd July.

Guru Purnima : Programme Schedule

General Welcome
Lighting the lamp
Welcome Speech
Introduction of Hindi Parishad
Importance of Guru Poornima
Kavi Sammelan
Western Dance
Vote of Thanks

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