Financial Literacy Programme with Dr. Balaji Rao DG

Financial Literacy Programme with Dr. Balaji Rao DG

On 12 December 2022, the Department of Commerce of JAIN College conducted the second session of the Financial Literacy Programme for II PUC Commerce students. This programme aimed to enhance the understanding of finance and investment among students. The speaker for the programme was Dr. Balaji Rao DG. He has been associated with the Stock Market since 1993 and has led more than 500 investor engagement programmes. Dr. Rao has written nine books about financial markets and has been a columnist for The Hindu newspaper since 2011. He has been retained as a resource person by reputed asset management companies.

The ardent and expressive speaker portrayed existing stereotypes surrounding the Stock Market in an innovative and relatable manner. He urged the students to invest in the Stock Market by recalling his personal experiences. He spoke about how crucial time management is and showcased how profits can be made in a systematic manner. His focus throughout the session remained on motivating students to invest.

The programme was an initiative to increase financial literacy and awareness among students and it indeed delivered its purpose.

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