Speechcraft Programme (Session 7)

Speechcraft Programme (Session 7)

As we approached the final Speechcraft session of the 7-week programme, a sense of bittersweet sentiment lingered among the students. Upon entering the seminar hall, the Toastmasters promptly provided an overview of the session's guidelines. Without delay, they proceeded to the student speeches. The topics covered a range of subjects, from advertisements and time to reflections on friendships, movies, and their experiences as Speechcrafter. Following the speeches, the educational segment commenced. The guest speaker for the last session of Speechcraft was DTM Kumaran Pethi. The students anticipated an engaging session with him, and their expectations were met. As the narrative began, the students attentively listened to the story, and once it concluded, Mr. Kumaran extracted essential values, leaving the students motivated to face the challenges ahead.

After this, the peers provided evaluations for the speeches, and the Toastmasters offered general feedback to highlight areas for improvement. This constructive feedback assisted the students in refining their skills for future occasions. The session then moved on to table topic presentation, where TM Yamini assigned each student a topic and introduced debate topics for a selected few, adding an element of fun for both debaters and the audience. As this was the final session, the Toastmasters extended an invitation to the faculty and the organising team to participate in the table topics. The Political Science teacher, Mr Sudhanshu graciously accepted the challenge of discussing who he would want to be if given the chance to be someone else, offering thoughtful insights into his choice. The table topics were followed by evaluations.

Towards the conclusion of the session, certificates and trophies were presented to the participants of the 7-week programme. The students also engaged in voting for the best speakers and evaluators of the week, and the respective students received their badges. The session concluded with a group photograph featuring the Toastmasters team, students, teachers, and programme organisers.

Jain College of Arts and Science students attending speechcraft session
Jain College of Arts and Science students participating in Session 7 activity
Jain College of Arts and Science students engaged in Session 7
Jain College of Arts and Science students showcasing their skills in Session 7