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Dr. Chenraj Roychand

Founder Chairman, JGI Group

   Chairman’s Message

Growth. Opportunity. Attitude. Learning. Success. These attributes define Jain College. Jain College provides ample amount of opportunities and an ideal platform to help you accomplish your goals. The Evening College offers a proven past, an energetic present and a future without limits. At Jain College, we give priority to education and holistic development of our students. We have well-qualified and experienced teachers in their fields, renowned for their collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. Students from all over India come to Jain College to build their dreams, and to enliven their learning with myriad voices, diverse perspectives, and unique experiences. We provide incredible opportunities for social interaction, bringing to your education a greater social component to complement the academic elements. You can join a student club or an association and meet others who share the same passion and participate in cultural activities and events while enjoying the process. We aim towards a memorable educational journey for our students with us. I urge you to make the most of your time at Jain College by participating and learning new things. Benefit from being part of the biggest network of experienced faculty members at Jain College by taking advantage of academic advising, writing and study skills workshops, personality development and more. We will help you build networks, hone your analytical and critical skills, and discover the path that is best for you. Get involved and stay connected. Whatever your interests are, and wherever your passions lie, there is something here for each one of you. I hope you have an enjoyable and successful year.