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YOGA – The Best Way to Balance Life


19-6-19YOGA – The Best Way to Balance Life

Category : Health

“Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha”
“Yoga is the neutralization of the vortices of feeling.”
    - Patanjali

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that brings out harmony through the union of mind and body. Yoga is a solid structure that supports every human to accept nature in mind and adapt to the body by strengthening so that it is powerful enough to welcome any sort of thoughts and sensations. On a scientific perspective, Yoga is proven to bring health benefits to the mind and body in multitudes when performed on a routine basis. In simple words to say, Yoga is more about observing and responding to the cyclic changes that take place in the body due to the internal and external causes.

What does Yoga actually mean to be?

The eight limbs of Yoga ‘Ashtanga’ - Yama (attitudes toward our environment), Niyama (attitudes toward ourselves), Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (restraint or expansion of the breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (complete integration) are generally embraced by yogis and healthcare providers for whom yoga is a healing art.

When a person practices yoga, he is bound to experience changes both inward and outward. The inwards changes would include relaxation, a decrease of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’, increase in alpha and theta waves in the brain resulting in increasing the access to the subconscious and emotions. Yoga practitioners will feel better as the chemicals of the brain like endomorphins, enkephalins, and serotonin will start increasing. The outward changes of a yoga practitioner would be good physical health and it is the most preferred cross-train for other sports activities as well.

Practicing Yoga to become a Yogi

It is common to every human being experiencing emotional pain at some stage of life. The time is a natural healer, it gives a solution to the issue or the person would get elevated to a better lifestyle. However, the effects of emotional pain can be last-longing with adverse effects on mental and environmental wellbeing.

Student’s life is a stage of transformation from adolescence to youth, which is bounded to experience various new aspects of life, meet new people, encounter psychological and sociological dangers, inspire and aspire to attain the state of noble adulthood. The current millennials are witnessed to become the victims of stress, anxiety, psychological disorders, insomnia, etc., due to pressure caused by the competitive environment and work culture. This has brought out a drastic change in the human lifestyle right from waking up for the day, eating habits, organizational behavior, peer-pressure, long working hours, examination pressure, and more adding to the stressful lifestyle. 

Beneficial outcomes of practicing yoga

As mentioned earlier, yoga creates balance through a union of mind and body. This practice teaches the methods to cop up the stress, act accordingly with a presence of mind and lead to self-awareness. A spark of inspiration will always lead to greatest achievements, a routine practice of yoga as well. The practice of yoga has immense benefits irrespective of being a student or adult.

Benefits of Yoga for college students are not only limited to improved body posture, increase in lung capacity, inculcate positive attitude, and more:


Reduces Stress & Anxiety
It is an undeniable fact that no student undergoes pressure that results in stress outbreak and anxiety. Yoga can become a stress buster only if the practice made routine and here comes the endurance and persistence. This could be a challenge but this habit is capable of fine-tuning the body, mind simultaneously, and get back on the right track when the student lifestyle becomes hard and complicated.

Boost’s Memory and Attention Span

Yoga harness the innate capability of the body to improve its powers and functioning. Especially for the students who experience exam pressure, yoga will be a relief factor providing an instant cognitive boost. It enhances brain functionality by relieving stress. Asanas and Pranayama, which are nothing but breathing exercise, will enhance the functionality of the super brain. Simple yoga exercises and postures are trending among professionals and students that increase attention span and boosts memory.

Improves Flexibility and Balance

It is not only the brain that holds the memories that carry the side effects of any emotional pain. Every vital organ of the body also holds it. Yoga poses or the asanas trigger the organ and elevates any such hindrances accumulated in the particular organ. By elevating such emotional pain, the body reaches a state of flexibility to maintain the right balance between the mind and body.

Induces good quality sleep
Good sleep is essential for every human being to smoothen the brain and muscles. It is very much essential for students who study for longer hours during exams. The daily practice of yoga induces good sleep and enriches focused concentration for a longer time. Poses like legs up the wall helps in relaxing the mind and prepares the vital organs of the body to work actively.

Improves digestion and increases metabolism
Asanas, the yoga postures are not only limited to exercise and sleep, it includes healthy eating habits. The diet could not be ideal for the student at this phase of life, so having a good digestive system and increased metabolism is important. Poses like ‘Apanasana’ & ‘Padmasana’ - where the abdomen is focused to improve digestion and increase metabolism.

The benefits of practicing yoga are multifold. Yoga can become a lifestyle for a student who cultivates it as a habit. Yoga provides liberation from all emotional, materialistic, psychological and otherworldly hindrances and nurtures the body and mind to stay prepared for any kind of situation.

This International Yoga Day the students are taken on the path to practice yoga and take control of the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga will liberate the students from distracting tendencies of the youth and helps them to make their own decisions so that they can stay focused with their all-round development.