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Jain College, V V Puram is the pioneering institution where it all began for Jain College in 1990. Today we stand lofty and have set the benchmark to the in terms of providing the extravagant education to our students.

Jain College, V V Puram is dedicated to providing an educational environment focused on student learning and delivered by qualified faculty. It strives to offer its students a highly valuable pre-university education that is accessible, affordable, and empowers students of all backgrounds to transform their lives and help realize their true potential. At Jain College, the faculty will impart coaching that is effective and up-to-date with the latest trends in education. Extracurricular activities of the students are encouraged and they get many opportunities to display their talents in the various events conducted every year.

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Principal’s Message

Jain College, V V Puram is the premier pre-university institution in Bangalore known for its excellence in teaching and curriculum delivery. Our curriculum delivery emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, understanding, and problem-solving abilities among all students at Jain College. As educators, we believe that it is our primary responsibility to nurture and develop each and every learner to prepare them for life.

Our approach involves interacting with parents to meet the individual needs of every student, and supporting them to fulfill their academic and co-curricular goals and aspirations. The broad range of opportunities offered at Jain College cater for the diverse interests, needs and abilities of our students.

At Jain College, it is believed that excellence is a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institute has made deep forays into contributing world competent leaders, renowned technocrats, successful entrepreneurs, and innovative researchers.

- Dr. S. N. Nataraj



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