Transition from School to PU

2-5-18Tips that effectively help students during the transition from school to pre-university

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Below mentioned are a few tips which will help students to handle this phase:

Attend the new-student orientation program in college

To ease the transition period, most colleges offers a new-student or freshman orientation program. These orientation programs generally last for two to five days. In this program the Principal or Dean of the college orient students about campus life, college rules and regulations, bonding with classmates and so on. This program is an interactive session wherein students can ask questions (if any) to the concerned person. Below mentioned are benefits of attending the orientation program:

  • Making new friends
  • Knowing about the various campus activities
  • Get to know about in and around the campus areas.
  • Understanding college in all the aspects
  • Can experience the dorm life (for residential students if any)

Attend/Participate in a summer Bridge Program

Bridge programs are offered by most communities and through many colleges as it helps students to successfully complete the transition phase. These programs teach then the do’s and don’ts for succeeding in the college like developing good habits, making new friends, getting involved in campus activities and so on.

Look for mentors

During the school phase students would have had their own mentors like teachers or coaches who helped them make decisions in school life. Having the same in college helps them to adjust to the new environment. The mentors provide advice, share wisdom, offer encouragement and guide students in academics and career path. The following contacts can be used to find the mentors

  • Professors
  • College alumni
  • Academic advisors

Adapt and independent mindset

In school the learning methodology is highly structured and teachers make sure that the students are highly motivated. The school teachers remind them about the upcoming tests, homework’s, assignments and so on. However in college the syllabus will be shared at the beginning of each semester and it is the responsibility of the student to make a note of all the important things. It is always advisable for the students to be independent in the college than to depend on others.

Time Management

In the university it is important for the students to have a proper time management as the study load will increase over the period of time. Create a schedule to have and maintain effective management. Another skill that will help students for effective management is speed reading. The study material will gradually grow more difficult and become lengthy Speed reading will helps saving time. It will also help students to stay ahead of the coursework responsibly.

The transition period is an exciting phase, but it can also be challenging for students. With this little preparation students can ensure a successful switch.