Post Event Sphoorti 2020

Sphoorti 2020 - National Virtual Intercollegiate Commerce Fest, with the Digital India theme, was organized by Jain College (Jayanagar campus) in collaboration with The Commerce Forum on the 18th and 19th November 2020. The fest displayed a combination of learning and creativity that drew more than 150 participants from all over India to take part in various challenging rounds that put their skills and knowledge to an ultimate test. Being an interactive platform, Sphoorti 2020 encouraged the students to take up the quest to explore the enormous opportunities that the field of commerce provides.

Here's what unfolded at one of the most thrilling fests of the campus

Best Manager: This event was aimed at testing the skills of participants such as teamwork, time management, marketing, finance, crisis management, HR, all under pressure.

Error 404: This intriguing event was organized to test the participant's aptness to counter situations that occur without any warning. It covered many aspects of commerce like marketing, aptitude, finance, crisis, etc.

The Trade Network: This event tested the participant’s knowledge of the stock market, portfolio management, and the general outlook towards the market. An event that was rolled out to test the all-rounders in the area of logical thinking, creativity, practicality, negotiation skills, teamwork, coordination, communication, etc. The idea was to provide the participants with exposure and enhance their skills.

The Zero Hour: Every crisis is an opportunity to shrink or expand. It’s all about remembering that every crisis can be managed and solved. This round tested the participants' decision-making skills and the way to deal with the pressing crisis.

Sleuth and Suits: Sleuth and Suits was a nerve-wracking and enigmatic combination of virtual treasure hunt, law, logical reasoning, fun-filled dares and tasks, corporate investigation, riddles, puzzles, aptitude, mock trial, and much more.

The Economist: This round was an economics event where the participants unleashed their skills in economics.

Corporate Vogue: Corporate Vogue was the very first virtual fashion event hosted at a PUC level. This event tested the fashion sense, confidence, presentation, makeup, and stylization skills of each participant.

Overall the fest was an amalgamation of fun and learning that enhanced the interpersonal and communication skills of students as they prepare for the real world of business.