7 SepLiteracy is a right, not a privilege (World Literacy Day - 2018)

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While most of us can read and write, we tend to take this aspect of "human rights" for granted. It is still an undiscovered place for many, therefore it is still a journey to be completed. Literacy is not limited to reading, writing, and numeracy skills anymore but is now seen as a process of lifelong development to achieve dignity and a decent livelihood. On September 8th, 2018 the globe commemorates the 52nd International Literacy Day. It was first declared and observed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1966.

 College Life

22 AugA Good College Life

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Every new PU student steps into college anticipating a great college experience, no doubt. The popular notion is that the course one chooses is what makes college interesting, but if you ask any college-goer, studies usually rank lower in their opinion. A great many also say that though the course is important, a student is mostly nurtured by the environment he/she studies in. Whatever course you take up, your social surrounding makes the greater difference in your enjoying a wholesome college life. This social surrounding includes everything that the college offers: the faculty, activities, resources, peer group, and other exposure.

transition from school to pre-university

2 MayTips that effectively help students during the transition from school to pre-university

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The transition from school to pre-university plays an important role in a student’s life. Every student wishes to have a successful transition from school to university as it is crucial for their academic success. However, this phase is never smooth as they miss many things they were familiar with, in school. University is a place where students are no longer spoon-fed by teachers but are left to take on the responsibility of studying and completing assignments on their own. The university culture differs from that of high school. Hence, students need to take appropriate steps in order to make a smooth and successful transition.