University Preparation

Get set to find your place in the world

Today’s world needs agile thinkers and resilient doers, and that is what JAIN College’s Arts programme is all about.

At JAIN College, you will:

Start preparing for your next steps from day one

The career advice and guidance team at JAIN College offers a wealth of tailored support to help you to find and pursue your career goals. With their support, you will gather a realistic and practical understanding of your strengths, skills, and interests, and also a clear roadmap of where you might want to go next.

Build a track record of authentic success

By the end of two years, you will be stepping into a more individualized path and building a unique portfolio of your accomplishments. A record of your one-of-a-kind academic work and community contributions made up of material as diverse as essays, videos, and digital badges, your portfolio is designed to demonstrate your preparation for the world far beyond pre-university education.

Know yourself as a learner and an active member of society

As an active learner and contributor, your impact on others is what makes your work at JAIN College really worth it.


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