Teachers' Day 2022 Celebrations

5 September 2022

“The best teacher teaches from the heart and not from the book.”

Every year on the 5th of September, Teachers' Day is observed to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former Indian President and a visionary educator. The day is celebrated to appreciate the role of teachers in providing knowledge and paving the way for a better future. On this occasion, students of the Humanities Department of JAIN College planned a surprise for their beloved teachers.

The day started with teachers being greeted and welcomed in the classrooms decorated by students. The teachers sportingly participated in all the fun games and activities organised by students. The first game was a treasure hunt, in which teachers followed the clues and successfully found the treasure. Following this, a few activities were arranged by students of three houses. Nalanda house conducted a game in which teachers had to complete some tasks. Patliputra house organised an activity where teachers had to burst other players' balloons and defend their balloons. Takshashila house set up a game where teachers had to guess Bollywood movie names by their dialogues. All games and activities brought joy and smiles.

The day concluded with students thanking all the teachers for helping to shape their lives and inspiring them every day. As a token of love, each teacher received a key chain bearing their initials and notes from students expressing their love and respect for them as a sign of appreciation. All the surprises mesmerised and delighted the teachers, and it also established a connection between them.