Student Engagement and Empowerment Drive (SEED)

One of the core offerings of Competency Pathway, SEED helps you respond in a flexible manner to unique learner pathways and abilities in an engaging and innovative way. SEED, in turn, has four categories as mentioned below:

1. Speechcraft Programme

The Speechcraft programme offered by the Toastmasters is a globally renowned skill development certified programme. It helps you:

  • To demonstrate the communication skills necessary to engage in personal, professional, civic, and social relationships
  • To demonstrate and apply critical thinking skills in a variety of communication study context

Duration- 6- 8 sessions

Skills Acquired- Communication, public speaking & leadership

Certified by- Toastmaster

2. National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps programme not only provides a suitable environment for young people to consider joining the Armed Forces but also produces disciplined and responsible citizens of our nation.

Programme Learning Objectives:

  • To develop character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service
  • To have an additional advantage by continuing third year of NCC at Jain College or JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) where on successful completion of the 3rd year will help to earn the most coveted "C" certificate
  • On scoring at least a minimum "B Grade" in the NCC "C" Certificate and a 50% mark in UG, then you need not undergo UPSC examinations and will qualify for interviews when applying for officer positions in the Armed Forces
  • To represent the Karnataka-Goa directorate at numerous national-level camps such as RDC, TSC, NIC, and SNIC

Duration- 2 years

Skills Acquired- Leadership, discipline, service-minded

Certified by- National Cadet Corps 2A/5 company- 7Kar BN NCC

3. Life Skills Education

Life skills education lays the foundation for critical skills and the abilities for adaptive and positive mindsets that enable you to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. At JAIN College, certificate programmes are offered in first-aid, awareness for emergency response management, and fire emergency management as a part of the life skills education.

Duration- Quarterly sessions

Skills Acquired- Self- awareness, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving

Certified by- Red Cross

1. Yoga programme

As a part of the health and well-being programme, we offer you a fortnight yoga programme. The holistic one-hour workshop will help you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Learning objectives of the programme-

  • To have good mental and physical health
  • To possess emotional stability
  • To integrate moral values
  • To attain higher level of consciousness

Duration- Weekly programme

Skills Acquired- Yoga and meditation

Certified by- NA

2. Medha Yoga Programme

In today’s world mental fitness is the biggest challenge. To relieve stress and reduce anxiety by directing students efforts with greater concentration and handling peer pressure, competitions, Jain college in association with Art of Living conducts a four-day Medha yoga programme for students pursuing the Arts programme. Learning objective of the programme-

  • To develop interpersonal skills and adopt good leadership behavior for empowerment of self and others

Duration- 4 days

Skills Acquired- Basic yoga, pranayama, meditation and sudarshana yoga

Certified by- Art of Living

3. Psychological counselling

The Psychological Counselling Centre is a crucial component of support services extended to the entire community at JAIN College. In the multicultural academic context of the campus, the counselling centre seeks to develop healthy coping strategies and create a safe environment for you. It provides services like individual counselling, group counselling, and organizes various kinds of programmes promoting mental health.

Expert Talk Series

Expert talk series is a valuable resource in imparting practical knowledge to our students. The Art programme strives to bring in industry experts to share knowledge and train you on diverse aspects. Whether it is history or psychology, political science or economics, with its extensive industry network, JAIN College provides the best learning experience for you. The experts in the talk series motivate by sharing their professional industry experiences which will help you to make a connection between the real world and your learning.

1. Literary club

The literary club of Arts department provides a competitive platform for you and promotes languages and literature. The club organizes a rich and diverse array of activities such as debates, group discussions, poetry writing and recitation, short story writing, quiz contests, and interactive sessions to bring out the best in you. The club also aims to groom your talent and expand your horizon of spoken and written languages.

2. Journalism club

The Journalism club aims to inform, educate and entertain the community through informative and constructive activities. In the club, you obtain a spectrum of skills essential for journalistic purposes like writing, reporting, conducting interviews, designing pages, etc. If you are passionate about the media industry and want to build your career in it, joining the Journalism club will enhance your skills.

3. Photography club

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, you will have opportunities to hone your skills by understanding what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression. As a member of the photography club, you will frequently meet the team to discuss the works of various well-known photographers and analyze their techniques and styles. These meet-ups are a great way to learn and improve. Every year, a photo exhibition will be organized to provide a platform to display your learnings and skills.