Speechcraft - A Seven-week Programme on Communication,
Holistic Development, and Stage Confidence

3 September 2022

Speechcraft, a seven-week programme designed to help students become more confident on stage and enhance their communication abilities, was organised by JAIN College's newly established Department of Humanities. The programme that provided experiential learning came to an end on September 3, 2022. For the showdown, the students were divided into teams of three. In every team, there was a table-topic speaker who had to speak on the given topic on the spot, an evaluator, and a speaker who had to present a prepared speech for each team.

Prepared speeches were delivered on topics like Terra Vera's story, promoting equality amongst women, friendships, channelising anger in life, and a motivational speech on remembering one's value and worth. All of the speakers entered the stage with confidence and performed admirably. The evaluators, who did a fantastic job of praising the speakers and offering insightful advice, rated the speeches. A student had taken the initiative to choose topics for the speakers to discuss at the table. Without an ounce of hesitation, the speakers entered the stage and made inspiring statements.

A brief video honouring everyone connected with Speechcraft was also shown on the last day; it did a fantastic job of summarising the seven-week process. For taking the course and successfully obtaining the title of Speechcrafter, all students received certificates. The Head of Student Affairs, Dr. Abhishek, presided over the session and encouraged all the speakers. Deepak Rajpurohit, Rachana Shastry, Aapti Patwardhan, and Mrnal S were declared the best speakers. Neha HN, Indu Shreeya, Krupa Kiran, and Harikrishna were recognised for their excellent evaluation. The top three table topic speakers included Chinmayi V Rao, Gunj Chandawat, and Harshitha. Team Abhi-Jeet and Team Charlie's Angles made it to the top two. Team HIK Rockers were also awarded certificates of appreciation by the Head of Academics, Mr. Jagdish Chandra.

The programme turned out to be a massive success and in just a couple of weeks, growth in communication and confidence to talk on stage was seen clearly. Everyone associated with Speechcraft felt grateful to have learnt from such seasoned speakers.