The Significance of Morning Assembly Culture

22 August 2022

The Humanities Department functioning under JAIN College is known for its creative ideas, thinking, and initiatives. Knowledge can be acquired by anyone irrespective of age or medium and one such impactful source of cerebral awakening is morning assembly conducted in educational institutions. However, the culture of morning assembly begins to fade when a student enters college life. Often the importance and fun associated with the assembly are not given their due credit, but the Humanities Department recognises and values the culture morning assembly imparts.

On 22nd August 2022, the Department of Humanities had a brief assembly. All the teachers and the students were a part of this assembly headed by the Head of Academics, Mr. Jagadish. Like always, Mr. Jagdish was kind enough to touch on complicated topics for students to understand better. The session was a ground for new ideas and interactions and also observed two minutes of silence to find inner peace. These minutes of silence made the students understand the true meaning of solace in solitude. Students realised that they unknowingly feel compelled to follow certain insignificant rules and also that they never questioned the reason behind following them. Mr. Jagadish also spoke about the influence of society in controlling human beings. This 15-minute assembly made students immerse in some deep thoughts which made them ask critical questions to their mentors and themselves.