15 August 2022

Independence Day

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The 15 th of August 2022, marked a momentous milestone, as our nation proudly celebrated the 75th independence day. In a first, an exceptional singer from Knowledgeum, Surabhi Ramapriyan performed an inaugural song to commence the Independence day celebration that left everyone mesmerised.

Amongst various elaborate celebrations, the students of the department of Humanities, Knowledgeum performed an impactful skit; it focused on the maltreatment of women in the past, and how it has evolved in the past decades. The skit, ‘The story of Shardha’ was presented by Indu, Chinmayi, Michelle, Jhanvi, Srushti, Neha, Gunj, Deepak, Aapti, Jiyaa, and Rajat from 'Ranga Milana,' the performing arts club. This was shown in the form of a very engaging and impactful street play, with elements of humour, hard-felt emotions and intellect. It was a very moving and note-worthy debut by the members of the club. The members of Ranga Milana have us all waiting for their next event, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!

Speechcraft Programme (Session 7)

As we approached the final Speechcraft session of the 7-week programme, a sense of bittersweet sentiment lingered among the students. Upon entering the seminar hall, the Toastmasters promptly provided an overview of the session's guidelines.

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Speechcraft Programme (Session 6)

As we neared the end of the 7-week programme, the students had acquired a significant amount of knowledge since the very first session.

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Speechcraft Programme (Session 5)

The session began at 10 AM. The students were brimming with excitement, as they have always been. The session's rules were communicated by Toastmaster Vibhav. Later, Toastmaster Yamini started the session and introduced the guest speaker of the day, Toastmaster Karthik.

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