Humanities Students at Candentia, a National Level Inter-College Fest

4 November 2022

Candentia, a national-level fest conducted by Bishop Cotton Girls School, witnessed the participation of students from the Department of Humanities of JAIN College. The Department of Humanities, powered by Knowledgeum, for the very first time, participated in an inter-college fest. This fest offered an excellent opportunity for the students to participate in and showcase their talents. A total of 21 students from JAIN College attended the fest on 4th November 2022.


It was an event based on psychology knowledge. In this competition, there were two teams. One squad had Mehak and Hari, while the other included Hita and Kriya Chowatia. The contest featured three rounds. The participants had to identify 13 faces in the first picture and 7 faces in the second picture in the first round. The next game was Taboo. In the game Taboo, participants had to define a word without using any synonyms for the primary word. The participants had to identify truths and myths about psychology that were stated in the following round. In the third round, participants had to respond to questions based on a case study. The activity gave students a chance to learn while also testing their understanding of psychology fundamentals.


A popular event of the fest, JAM, was challenging but fun-filled at the same time. Chinmayi took part in this event, which had three rounds. The event began with a demonstration for the new participants. Participants had to spin a wheel with several genres in the first round, and a topic was provided based on the genre the needle landed on. The participants had to talk on the subject right away and the others had to be ready to interrupt the speaker the moment they paused, repeated a word, or ran out of things to say. The first person to slam the table in objection at the speaker on the aforementioned grounds had to explain their position and continue with the topic. The speaker would receive extra points when the timer reached 60 seconds. The eliminations were followed by the beginning of round two. Before declaring their objection and continuing, participants who wanted to interrupt a speaker had to first sing a line from a song, use a pickup line, and dance without hesitation. This round tested the candidate's originality, focus, and oratory abilities while being incredibly entertaining. Only four contestants could go to the final round, where the topics were far more serious and contestants had to say tongue twisters before jamming the speaker.


Students were able to display a variety of talents on Talentell, including singing and dancing. JAIN College was represented by three teams. Neha and Swara performed a stunning dance routine for the first team. Surabhi Ramapriyan took part in solo singing. Devi and Srushti's third group performed Bharatanatyam. There was no elimination in the first round and everyone got selected for the second round. The second round was theme based. Though themes were

assigned on the spot, the participants were given some time to prepare. Team Neha and Swara danced to a Bollywood song describing rains as their theme was nature, and team Devi and Srushti danced to the track of Varaha Roopam as their theme was wild animals. Surabhi Ramapriyan sang a Tamil song. Surabhi Ramapriyan bagged second place in the talentell competition and made the college proud!


Artemisia was a make-up event. Rachana and Michelle from the Department of Humanities participated in the event. The first round of the event was Make-up without a Mirror. The participants had to apply make-up without a mirror and were scored on their precision and accuracy. In the second round, they had to choose chits and apply make-up in accordance with the theme written on the chits. The latest online series Euphoria served as the inspiration for the third and final round. The contestants were required to choose a character from the web series and put on make-up that represented that character's characteristics. In Artemisia, Rachana took home the first award, while Michelle secured the second spot.


In this competition, the participants had to showcase their cooking skills. In the first round, they had to taste and write down all the ingredients that a particular dish contains. Bindu and Jiyaa represented the college and were made to taste Pav bhaji. In the second round, participants had to prepare a platter with specific items. The items included tea cake, chocolate, crackers, cream, and lemon. They had to put together an exquisite gourmet dish to showcase their talent in plating and presentation within 25 minutes. In the final round, which had 8 participants, were given a choice to make French or Chinese cuisine within the time limit of 1hr 15 minutes.


Atelier was an on-the-spot art event. In the first round, the theme was Natura, which means nature. Artists were allowed outside the campus building, where they found beautiful sceneries. Each one picked a spot and started capturing whatever caught their eye. The second round was based on imagination and artists were presented with an object which they had to enhance using their imagination. The third round was all about creativity, the young artists were shown five random objects and using their creative ideas, they had to put together one image with these items. This was overall a splendid experience for Kriya and Mrnal.

Mad Ads

Mad Ads, the advertisement-making competition, was for students to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services in a fun and engaging way. It aimed to acquaint the students with promotional strategies in marketing. The round comprised humorous and conceptual presentations, and Rajat, Aapti, Gunj, Jhanvi, Deepak, and Dhriti took part in this event. In the first round, the participants could present an ad for a product of their choice. The judges got a glimpse of the student's potential and creativity in this round. In the second round, each team was given a topic and it had to spontaneously create an innovative mock ad idea for the product in 20 minutes. The product assigned to the JAIN College team was mosquito repellent. This was an elimination round. The third round was similar to the second but had a twist. The participants had to work on a theme completely irrelevant to the product and the time given was 20 minutes. The mock ads were judged based on creativity, humour, interactive elements, and other relevant parameters.

Though all the trophies could not find their way to JAIN College, the students got an opportunity to learn new things, gain exposure, and confidently showcase what they got. It gave them a chance to put their skills to the test and determine their potential. This kind of healthy competitive space is extremely important for the holistic development of students. The students were beaming with joy and will surely cherish the memories of their first inter-college fest for life.