Group Discussion on Coping Mechanisms and Behaviours

8 November 2022

Group Discussion on Coping Mechanisms and Behaviours

The Department of Humanities of JAIN Colledge organised a two-day group discussion, under the title, Coping Mechanisms and Behaviours, on 8th and 9th September 2022. The event aimed to understand how coping mechanisms influence human behaviour. Through discussions and theoretical support, it enabled the members to understand how such mechanisms might be formed, manifested, and recognised.

On day one, the participants were introduced to the topic. Members were given arbitrary scenarios to consider, and they were asked to describe their covert and overt reactions. Discrepancies were brought to light. Using the Karpman Triangle model, members were asked to reflect on how with each response, roles are assumed, either of the persecutor, rescuer, or victim and with these assumed roles come into play different mechanisms. A brief about different coping strategies was presented, which was then related to a day in a student’s life to understand behaviour that might manifest from explained strategies. The keynote speaker, Ms. Pooja Praful, Lecturer - Psychology, said, "Let us recognise such mechanisms in us, let us help students recognise those too for a more mindful and productive every day; seizing each day for what it comes with!” The presentation concluded by urging members to recognise the mechanisms they use to ultimately help themselves.

The second day of the conference was devoted to learning how to have empowered relationships and communication. The discussion stayed focused on how with little organisation, one may put in place specific tactics or procedures to help assess and modify problematic behaviours after a brief recapitulation of the presentation and objectives from the first day. The idea of empowerment was investigated to see how it might aid in problem understanding and help develop effective strategies that result in a more productive way of life. "Using particular ideas or strategies, we can handle everyday events better, manage the crisis, comprehend students, and detect behaviour patterns," stated keynote speaker Mr. Jagdish Chandra, Head of Academics.

The two-day event was a success. Everyone in attendance gained insightful knowledge of human behaviour, its influencing elements, and behavioural patterns.