Club Activities Organised by the Department of Humanities - An Opportunity for Experiential Learning and Exposure

23 August 2022

Learning is something that happens beyond the traditional style of teaching in a classroom. Some activities and events enhance the learning experience of students manifold as their approaches are not monotonous and the human brain is able to expand its capacities through those. Therefore, educational institutions these days lay emphasis on the club culture which allows students to organise and be a part of various fun and learning activities.

On 23rd August, the students of the Humanities Department conducted club activities. The event saw the participation of three houses Patliputra, Nalanda, and Takshashila. The students were quizzed on their knowledge of political science, history, sociology, psychology, literature, economics, and current affairs. At the end of the quiz round, there was an open question for the whole team. The game kept everyone on top of their toes, as the students from all houses showcased their competitive yet fun and intellectual sides! The students and the teachers were pleasantly surprised by the MUN club's extraordinary organising and management skills, as this was just their first club activity. The round ended in the victory of Patliputra.

The quiz round was followed by the Talent Hunt which was organised by the performing arts club, Ranga Milana. In this round, the students had to showcase their talent on the spot without any prior practice or rehearsal. The competition brought forward the talent and passion of students. The judges had an incredibly hard time choosing the winners of the competition, as the department is blessed with artistic souls and amazing performers. The round ultimately ended in a tie between Nalanda and Patliputra. The club activities ended with Patliputra winning with 109 points.