An Insightful Session on Academic Goals and Career Guidance

3 November 2022

When it comes to defining and achieving academic goals clarity plays a vital role. When pursuing a course, students must know the structure and learning outcomes and it is an integral part of the school's functioning and the teachers' role to guide them on the same. On 3rd November 2022, a workshop was held for the first-year PUC students of the JAIN College - Department of Humanities to direct and assist them in meeting the requirements of the course and help them create a goal and a plan of action.

The workshop commenced at 10:00 am, with the Head of the Department of Humanities Mr.Jagdish, welcoming and addressing the audience. In addition to the structure of the programme, he spoke about the attitude and cognition the students needed to gain maximum knowledge. A quick ice-breaker with Dr. Abhishek, Head of Student Affairs and Programme Development, energised the students and prepared them for a session on career guidance.

This workshop was designed to address the career interests the students had already considered and communicated in advance. A questionnaire was sent to the students a day before to know their career interests. Students responded to questionnaires on personality evaluation and learning styles in addition to one on potential career interests. This was done with the rationale that personality influences learning style, which in turn facilitates knowledge absorption and application. Ms. Vandana, Ms. Anamika, and Ms. Pooja led this session. All the teachers focused on their individualised plans for the 2nd term, highlighting the projects to be undertaken. The teachers also stressed the importance of inculcating a serious work ethic among students.

Overall, the session concluded on a hopeful note, with students equipped with the knowledge and better-defined goals and teachers with kindled vigour to kick-start the new term.