Transformative Humanities Programme at JAIN College 

Embrace New Experiences and Make a Difference

We believe that JAIN College’s arts programme will be transformative for students. If you are a learner who embraces new experiences, cares deeply about social justice, environmental responsibility, community building and are undeterred by challenges, then our arts programme is the best fit for you.

Course Duration

2 years

Course Eligibility

A minimum 60% marks in Class X examination from SSLC / ICSE / CBSE or an equivalent board.

Ideal Candidates 

Are you seeking something extraordinary, something that breaks the mould?

Discover the extraordinary potential within you through JAIN College's humanities programme, an education that shapes a lasting legacy.

If you're a learner who thrives on new experiences and is passionate about social justice, environmental responsibility, and community building, then look no further. Our programme is tailor-made for individuals who are:

Inquisitive Minds

Seeking curious students ready to
explore reasons behind 'why' and 'how' in
the world around us.

Humanitarian Storyweaver

Seeking enthusiastic students passionate about building healthy relationships, uncovering narratives, and driving community betterment.

Adventurous Visionaries

Seeking students who embrace the thrill of new experiences and the endless possibilities that lie ahead!


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