A Great Start for a Bright Future

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05-5-20A Great Start for a Bright Future

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Arts or popularly known as “Humanities”, provides a platform for students who wish to study human society and the world. It is an extensively vast stream offering a plethora of interesting subjects bringing with it a galore of job opportunities. But Arts didn’t enjoy the limelight like its popular cousin Science. Even with the choices it offered, few students were willing to take it up voluntarily. Defining this field of study is a bit difficult however it can be summed as an academic discipline which deals with the study of the society, environment using methodologies that are critical and analytical.

Why Choose Arts?

Arts, as compared to science and commerce, have a lot many branches to specialize in. It offers a wide range of subjects starting from history, languages, literature, law, philosophy, religion, performing arts, anthropology, communication, sociology, psychology and it is observed that students in recent years have begun opting to take up arts. There is also a misconception that this stream is forced upon students who either are dull in studies or haven’t scored the qualifying percentage to get into the college or stream of their choice. This isn’t true. Many students who opt for arts are brilliant in their studies and that means they have scored quite well in their qualifying exams. Also, there are some famous and most sought after colleges dedicated to the study of Arts. This is the only stream that opens its door for students from other fields of study as well. But then, of course, it comes with its set of challenges as well. Like all other domain, students require a certain level of aptitude and attitude to perform well in the exams.

What Are The Career Choices?

With an Arts degree , you can apply for Government jobs, become a teacher, a language translator if you take up foreign languages as your major. You can choose to become a journalist, psychologist or an anthropologist. Studying Statistics with psychology can boost your career and you can become a researcher. The options are endless. With the right mix of various components and subjects, your Arts degree is sure to bring you great success. Jain College is one such fine institute established in Bangalore that offers an amazing combination of subjects. The college has modern amenities that are in tune with the rigors of today’s education system and imparts value-based higher education. While Jain College prepares and educates tomorrow’s business leaders, it sets high expectations for its students by establishing an engaging curricular and learning environments in a complex, technology-driven, global society. The campus culture is robust with cultural events scheduled regularly.

Now with the advent of new fields of interest, the scope of Arts has increased thousand fold with niche courses and certifications that help you gain an extra edge over the competition. Luckily, students have begun taking notice and there is a shift of mindset which has allowed Arts stream to regain its popularity and be amongst the top choices for students seeking either admission to PUC level or undergraduate studies.