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Orientation & Induction

The first two days of the academic year at


are allotted for the orientation programs that help students get accustomed to the new college environment.

Holistic Development

JAIN COLLEGE motivates students to advance the frontiers of knowledge along with holistic development. Emphasis is laid on the student's ability to adapt to a changing world by providing inputs through numerous activities like. The aim is to inculcate values of integrity, refinement and human virtue. Active participation in inter-collegiate management fest helps to develop sensitization to the society, the people and the environment.

Value Vision
JAIN COLLEGE is driven by the goal of educating and empowering people for which Human Networking Academy (HNA) plays a pivotal. An institution in itself, HNA is dedicated to inculcate dynamic life sustaining elements in the form of Vishva Chaitanya, Vishva Chaarana and Vishva Spandana in the young minds as also the staff and parents at JAIN COLLEGE on a regular basis. These programs are aimed at building character, fortitude and virtue through the various experiential and experimental session and interactions.

Academic Review
The academic performance is reviewed regularly. Regular parent-teachers meetings are conducted. Students and parents are invited to these meetings to assess the performance of the student on individual basis, identify strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate measures in the preparation for the final Board Examination. Parents are encouraged to interact with the mentors and class teachers on a regular basis and monitor the performance of the student.

Rewards & Scholarships
Deserving students with financial difficulties, immense potential and talent are identified and rewarded with scholarships on a regular basis. Sports and extracurricular talent is given tremendous encouragement with sportsmen being awarded scholarships as a result of their outstanding contribution to their respective fields.

Career Counselling

JAIN COLLEGE has developed and implemented an effective system for continuous monitoring of every student's progress and for providing appropriate guidance for their betterment. Career counselling service is available to help students better plan their academic activities as well as their future.

The College helps the students recognize and enhance their latent talents/potentials through regular counselling. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members are available to guide them to match their ability and skills with their interests, and to help make the right choice of the specialization subjects.