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Cultural fest - Sahitya Sangam

Sahitya Sangam


28 November - 2 December 2016


9.00 am


Jain College, V V Puram, Bangalore - 560004


Jain College, V V Puram

About the Event

History has witnessed that Jain College V.V Puram has provided numerous chances for students to showcase their talents. “Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened.” And so did in the Jain College. Jain College has a group of forums where students organize, participate and strive to win the competitions and events. THE HINDI PARISHAD is one of the most active student forum in our college. Our forum’s motto is to spread the awareness about the importance of our national language HINDI. THE HINDI PARISHAD organizes many events and competitions to promote the language and also encourages the students to actively take part in it. The most awaited, loved and enjoyed by the students is ‘THE TREASURE HUNT’. As of now our upcoming event ‘SAHITYA SANGAM’ will be held in the month of November and December. This event has a perfect mixture of Hindi Literature competitions to encourage the motto of our Parishad. Sahitya Sangam includes:
1. Creative writing
2. Pick and speak
3. Lecture
4. Debate
5. Mad ads
6. Poem recitation

In this event a maximum of 400 students perform these many activities. And now comes, THE YUVA MUNCH.
YUVA MUNCH is a Hindi magazine which appreciates the creative writing of the students. This means the best articles, poems, jokes, riddles, shayaris are selected and then printed into this yearly magazine in the month of January with the students name and picture. So, we ask interested ones to participate and be aware of their respective titles. 

Cultural Fest