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Jain College V. V Puram commemorated the rich cultural heritage of Sanskrit on 6th September 2014 at the college campus. The event celebrated the presence of Sanskrit in different spheres of life, history and science. Students explained the theories behind the centuries old customs of our culture cast in Sanskrit. Dr. S. Ranganathan, Head of Department of Sanskrit, NMKRV Women’s College was the chief guest for the day.

Dr. Ranganath described the magnificence of the Sanskrit language; he said that great personalities regarded it as the language embodying the intellect. "Sanskrit is a compilation of the poetic testament of the genius of our thoughts", he said. He said this language which represents the beginning and formation of the Indian culture is facing the threat of extinction in the chaos of modernity. He said such events were much needed to revive the copious legacy of Sanskrit.

The science behind gotras was explained by the students through vivid visual presentations. The basic logic behind the system of gotras is to eliminate the lineage of defective chromosomes. The eight gotras clearly distinguish the genetic combinations and variations. "Astronomy, astrology and gotras are all inter-related. The explanations to all these ideologies were documented in the form of scriptures and epics for common man to get a better understanding of these topics" said Lavanya, one of the student participants.

The students depicted the different dimensions of Sanskrit. The use of nuclear weapons such as Brahmastra in the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, the science behind the construction of Rama Setu using limestone’s, the hygiene and sanitation system in the Harappa Mohenjo-Daro civilizations, concept of navigation were displayed at the event. “It was a special day to explore knowledge hidden in Sanskrit and explaining interesting facts about Sanskrit to others was really exciting” said Subramaniyam a second P U student.