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Jain College, Jayanagar organized "Udbhava" (means origin) an Intra Collegiate Fest. As the name suggests - it"s a new start to a venture, a new path to trot, and loads of fun. It is an endeavor to achieve, to reflect a change, to leave a path and mostly to live or learn our passion.

The theme of this years fest was "Wings" symbolizing Freedom and Independence to achieve. As the guest of honour, Dr. B T Venkatesh, Director, PU Program lit up the traditional lamp and the almighty's presence was evoked by the college prayer group "Dhwani", the first performers enchanted the audience. The first spell-binding event was "Marketing" where bright minds competed against each other for "The Best Business Strategist". Each team marketed a unique restaurant. The winning team was "Riya Dugar" and group who presented the innovative idea of "Nouriture Paradise" – where Taste Comes before Money, with Ran Vijay as their promoter. The second prize was bagged by "Vedh and team" and the third prize by "Anjali Jain and group".

Next, the show stoppers danced to the rhythm of freedom with precision and elegance. Every pretty bird conceptualized the soaring flight blended with the joyous uproar from the audience. "Mute Aileron" or Dumb Charades was the most awaited and exciting event as always. The silent ticking bombs were ready to explode with their actions. Every round was at battle of minds-mutely.

The best performers were "Sharat Chandra and team" who bagged the first prize. The runner's ups were "Sharada Adiga and team" and the third place was secured by "Bhavesh and team". Wit insight and intrepidity the participants of "Battle of Wings", the Business Quiz, explored beyond the horizon. To fire a series of questions to the competitors was Mr. Himadri, a state level champion and a proud alumnus of Jain College.

The next tantalizing event was "Pelican Point" - the Debate. For the first time ever, we witnessed fire on the stage with a volley of statistics, arguments, facts, questions, counter-questions and reason. In tune with Nature was Mr. Gaurav Kashyap, Head of the Department of Chemistry who moderated the discussion on the hot topic "Genetically Modified Foods-food for the future?" This neck to neck competition was finally concluded with Aakarsh bagging the first best debator, Punit in the second place and Tulasi in the third place.