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The first day starting at a new college can be a daunting experience for many. But, it was quite a different experience for students who stepped into Jain College. To make students more comfortable, Jain College had developed a short orientation program that provided adequate information to accustom themselves to their new college environment.

“A hundred new faces, but a million dreams” is what this occasion can be best described as. Jain College lecturers & seniors welcomed these hundred new bright faces to an ocean of knowledge. Ice breaking sessions such as games & activities were conducted for the new students where they got a chance to interact with their peers & lecturers. They were also introduced to the opportunities available at forums like Cultural Forum, Commerce Forum, Hindi Parishad, Kannada Vedike & Science Forum through which they could participate in many intra & inter collegiate co-curricular activities & tap their potential at bigger platforms.

Jain College was her first choice when it came to college and she was delighted she managed to snag a seat for herself. Meghal, I year ABES student expresses rejoice of her first day experience at Jain College in her own style! "I'm so happy today. I've wanted to come here since my school days. I love the campus atmosphere. I can never forget first day of my college as instead of sitting in A section I entered into B section, which was not my class. The subjects I have chosen are challenging but I think I'll do fine." she smiles.  

Geetanjali, another new student who opted I year


, looked excited and a bit apprehensive about her first day. “It’s not only about fun. To perform well and to prove you as a good student are equally important. Studying in the Jain College means a lot to me, as we are now part of a glorious tradition of merit and excellence. It's exciting and the staff seems really nice and helpful."

 “After spending 10 years in a school, it is really difficult to adjust to a new atmosphere. But it's also exciting to start this new journey. Today we were introduced to the forums like cultural forum, commerce forum, Hindi Parishad, Kannada Vedike by our seniors. Since, I’m interested in Dance, will enroll myself with one of the forum & hopefully looking forward for a colourful year ahead at Jain College!" says Sanjana, I year PCMC student. 

Sachin & Kunal being best friends during their school days continued their saga of friendship in college life too. Both opted PCME as the core subjects at Jain College & now they share the same class! “We both love sports and hence opted Jain College since, it’s well known for its sporting excellence along with academics. We had a session about the electronics forum i.e. Electronika, which was very interesting & exciting.”  

At last the smiles on newcomers’ faces said it all, as they enjoyed every bit of their first day at Jain College!