Pre University College in Bangalore
Jain College organised an orientation program for its first


students on 11 June 2015. The students were introduced to the various forums (science, cultural, commerce) of the college and many events were held to highlight the talent of the newcomers. The new faces, though nervous to begin with, soon got into the thick of the action and started interacting with the teachers and seniors easily and confidently. The seniors on their part welcomed the juniors wholeheartedly into the campus and gave brief introductions of the numerous activities of the college.

Manav Gadia, a first PUC student of


-A elaborated on why he chose Jain College, “My family legacy continues from Jain College. From what I have heard, Jain College is a very distinctive group of institutions when compared to others, because here they aim at the overall development of an individual not only aiming at academics or sports”. Smrithi S Warrier an ABMS-D student shares Manav’s opinion, “I chose Jain College because I wanted a college which provides good extracurricular activities along with academics”. Smrithi found the transition from school to college smooth as well, “The discipline remains the same; the only major change that I find is the colour dress. It is actually good, the teachers are friendly”.

The first day at campus can be an overwhelming experience for many and it was no different for Pradyumna Thirumalai, a PCME-A student, “I was very nervous at first.  I guess it is a common thing to every sixteen-year-old, going to a new place, entering college after school life. But now I am feeling great”.  Mirza Faaris on the other hand enjoyed his first day from the beginning, “It is cool to be here in college, you know, getting out of the uniform and wearing the dress of your choice. We even have time to go out after classes as we get breaks in between”. Mirza, a


-A student, was also thinking about the future even though it was only his first day, “I am expecting a good percentage because I want to fulfil my family dreams”.

Shikha Arora, the


student expects a lot out of college as well, “From academics to co-curricular, I just want to improve my confidence. I haven’t participated in a lot of co-curricular activities but seeing the forums here, there are a lot of forums here, the commerce forum, the cultural forum, it is really exciting and I am looking forward to build up myself into a better personality”.

College is where dreams come alive. Let us hope all the optimism and expectations of these talented youngsters are realised during their campus years.